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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bad First Dates

A friend have been asking this girl out for the longest time to no avail. After going cold for some months, he asked again. This time, she said yes!

Having not been on first dates for a very long while, he was nervous like a deer. Googling places to dine, getting reassurance from friends the food is good, butterflies in his stomach, he was really looking forward to the date!

The date came and went.

When i asked about his date, he gave a four word review ...


Appalled, i asked, " you mean the magazines have been indoctrinating us wrong? I thought men like a woman with an appetite!"

I felt self conscious because man, i know i can eat, without the magazines telling me so.

"No, no." He assured me i wasn't the glutton like this one.

He noticed that she ate more than him and on 3 accounts asked if he wanted to ordered more. The first time she asked, he thought she was being polite. The third time she asked, he was pretty sure it was a personal request.

Then it was the heels. He noticed that she wore ridiculous high heels but it was really the confession that she is perpeptually in heels 24/7 that riled him. My friend isn't short so it wasn't an inferiority complex but its very interesting to know what men & women think on first dates.

And to also note not to confess too much on first dates!

New hires are made on impressions (and impressive CVs), without doubt impressions stick. So, i went around to ask my other friends their pet peevs of a date.

Most said they don't mind a girl eating as much as they want but the Chinese men said they'll be irritated if she ordered the main and only ate two mouthfuls or fork around her food. They felt she shouldn't have waste his money if she wasn't into eating. The Caucasians said they don't mind if she doesn't finish her first order but will think twice if she ordered a second and not finish it. That, would be gluttony.

Then, there were the other pet peeves like not saying "thank you" or being on the phone all the time, prevalent in today's mobile generation.

While the Caucasian said a "yes" woman irks him, the Chinese said one who debates with him all the time is tiring.

For the women, mostly said an egoistical man is a turn-off. They would also rather he be staring at her bossom than fiddling with his phone.

I have a high tolerance for most things so i don't really have much pet peeves but i remember a bad date where despite saying i am really tired so i wanted to keep this date close to home, he kept nudging me to venture further from my 10km parameters.

And despite me saying i'm hungry, he shooed the waiter away after ordering only two plates of chicken rice, one each  >_"<

Yes, he agreed to watch the movie i chose but he scoffed throughout the entire film. Then, at the end of the night, he even had the cheek to ask for a kiss!

I am glad no pretenses were put up for this first date, for i saw the inconsiderate man beneath.

This may sound very pompous of me, so i'll tell you the times i've been a bad date.

Probably that time i ate the LAST strawberry without considering his feelings, or the other time i wore my grostesque muscle leggings that totally scared my date to not call again.

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