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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quality Dining at Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut have always been a nostalgic affair. The Super Supreme was my favourite and like a faithful lover, i always had that. I remember the days of $9.90 student buffets, where we give ourselves a treat after examinations. I remember the days after church, where we pile into Pizza Hut and eat all the pizzas but leaving the crusts so that we can eat more. I remember the days my dad eats more salad than pizza and i found it so bo hua (not worth it) for him to eat buffet.

Pizza Hut and i have come far and i'm pleased to find Pizza Hut being innovative in keeping up and staying in the game!

From 27 June to a possibly limited period only, Pizza Hut will be offering fine dining! Well, almost.

With new menu offerings in collaboration from fine dining Executive Chefs who have headlined at restaurants in Italy, France, London, Luxembourg and California. Chef Jason Lee and Victor Tan have worked alongside Michelin star chefs. Can you believe Michelin star quality in Pizza Hut? Believe it, AND at very affordable prices too!

The Rigatoni in Hazelnut Creme ($14.90) offers a unique nutty taste. Find smoked chicken and fresh button mushrooms within.
The Braised Beef Pasta in broth ($14.90) is quite Asian, perfect for that rainy day as you snuggle in the booths of Pizza Hut.
The Snow Crab Crema Rosa ($14.90) is my favourite as it's linguine cooked with a generous serve of fresh prawns and 2 snow crab legs in a rich cream and tomato sauce.
While my favourite Squid Ink Linguine is found in Ma Maison, it is still $17.90 ++ for a very small portion with almost non-existent ingredients. Here at Pizza Hut, the Squid Ink Linguine is $14.90, is a larger portion and has more ingredients like fresh prawns. The sauce is thicker, heavier and abit more salty.

The Chicken Spinach Cannelloni ($12.90) is hand rolled lasagna rolls baked on a bed of rich cream sauce and cheese.

The Chicken Cordon Bleu with Portobello ($15.90) is the least favourite but i could be biased because i love pasta more. Although it's meant to be a twist of the classic French dish, which is baked chicken steaks crowed with turkey bacon and melted cheese. I found it to taste very much like just chicken with mushroom sauce.

The Garlic Herb Crusted Baked Fish ($15.90) is a hot favourite because its crispy herb crust on fresh dory fillet, baked to perfection.

Want to reminisce nostalgia with that special date? Try Pizza Hut, but oh, don't order Squid Ink unless you know each other really well to accept black teeth and lips! Or, have a good laugh together.

All dishes above are whipped up fresh in the kitchens of Pizza Hut.

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