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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Future is Near

After watching Prometheus some weeks ago, i told my movie date that 2083 isn't all that far away. Outer space, aliens and finding the elixir may happen when we're 100. Living to a 100 is very likely when biomedical technologies are lengthening life spans. ABC News reports that by 2050, the average age will be 89-94!

Coincidentally, the online space was going on about Future Day being 27 June 2012 in Back to the Future, a 1980s movie. Later, the movie fan enthusiasts found out that the real Future Day mentioned in the movie was 21 October 2015 and the earlier viral photo was doctored.
I was honestly disappointed! But let's see how the 1985 movie portrayed 2015 which we are very soon approaching.

What 2015 Looks Like

What 2015 Home and Police Look Like

And see The Cast reunites

I need to get my hands on the film! Would like to watch it in 2015. What will the world be like? What will society be like? We already know a zombie outbreak is possible, women are gonna get even better at faking it, and men may not need women anymore.

But i do know what i'll look like in 2083!

to this
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The blogger whom we adore and read through her single-hood to fairy-tale wedding to perhaps soon motherhood? Will we still be reading blogs when we're 100? Can working the brushes in Photoshop, a very valued skill today still work its magic?
And all that speculation on someone's fake breasts, the truth will be shed in approximately 60 years from now.
Let's either build character towards 2015, otherwise start slathering on the miracle creams that they sell in a bottle these days.

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