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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Made My Own Havaianas

Was invited on Friday to head down to Havaianas Takashimaya to customize my own. Make Your Own Havaianas was an inaugural event in Singapore, meant to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary. 
While a pair of Havaianas cost about 10 times more than the no brand slippers, it is a pair that doesn't lose its shape, don't smell and straps don't come lose. 

As part of the anniversary, they put up a board where customers can choose 3 ribbons to form a "bonfim".
It's just normal ribbons and it was tied thrice around my wrist, i thought it wouldn't fall for sure, it didn't look easy! Strangely, it did fall by the end of the night!! Yay, my 3 wishes for love, health and wealth will come true.

 Customizing your Havaianas doesn't come at an extra cost, unless you add pins at $1.50 each. But otherwise, it means you can mix and match colours but pay at the usual cost you would have bought the pair at anyway.
 I didn't know there was the slim style.

She makes her choice very seriously. There's even a deep in thought pout! 
My choice.

Chose the Limited and Sunglass pin.
Make Your Own Havaianas is likely to be an annual event but it's not confirmed. Hopefully, you got yours done last weekend if you're a fan of the brand. Otherwise, watch out for it July 14-15 2013!

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