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Monday, July 23, 2012

Going under the Knife

Men are clueless when it comes to detecting the fake breasts, the fake eyelashes, the fake contact lenses or make-up. So i wrote this post to help.

I remember wearing grey contacts for a month because they were given. A male friend whom i've gone out with many times, one day in that month, gripped my hands, paused, gazed deeply into my eyes, and said with his jaw wide open in awe,
"Christine, i don't know why i've never noticed this before but you have the MOST amazing eyes EVER.
They're grey..." 
I wished i could turn back time and play along with his innocent belief then. I laughed (abit too loudly) and said, "Don't you know the latest trend are coloured lenses?!?"

He blushed like a fool (mental note: never bruise a man's ego in public).

I blame Memoirs of a Geisha. Movies always make people can't separate from reality.

Then, there was the boyfriend who always thought i don't use make-up. One day, he was wearing white and i was leaning against his shoulder. When i lifted my head up, i panicked to see his white shirt stained with a big beige patch from my cheek!

I acted nice and gave him a shoulder rub, discreetly trying to rub off the stain. Men like women looking natural and i guess i wanted to keep up with that fantasy. Besides, a beauty director once told me the best make-up is when you look like you've nothing on at all.

The truth however, is i am really poor with make-up skills. Was never taught, and never had the urge to learn.

Using make-up to transform one's self is now passe.
Increasingly, more Asians are going for permanent fixes.

Before, plastic surgery is taboo and a procedure most will not be proud of. Then, plastic surgery started getting affordable with our increasing affluence to travel and spend. Now, plastic surgery is largely accepted and discussed openly amongst friends.

Before, i knew no one in Singapore who have gone under the knife. In this year alone, i know 5.

Before, movies and celebrities have a huge influence on the definition of beauty. I remember when i was a teenager, we all wanted golden bronze skin. Today, it's the Korean celebrities defining beauty but where do their inspiration come from? Is it the Western?

Bloggers today have a part to play in influencing the acceptance of aesthetic services. That's how formidable social influencers are.

It could have been that blogger who did surgery but refused to admit, thus inviting another blogger revealing her "dark secret" through her blog and a war including threats of a lawsuit ensued. It could have been that model blogger who proudly documented her boob job, then another about her nose job, and then many others who followed suit. Most justify that people are going to see the obvious change, so might as well come clean before the trolling starts.

Very valid reasons to blog about their plastic surgery and share experiences with their curious readers. This in turn spur readers to brave it too, which girl haven't contemplated plastic surgery honestly? We all have insecurities, even men. After all, good looking people get more doors open.

My uncle said my nose is too big when i was 16, a date said i looked a lot better in person than in pictures (meaning my pictures are ugly), but ultimately all men told me small natural breasts are still better than big fake ones.

Aesthetic services, permanent or not have never been allowed to advertise in mainstream media. With digital media, it's a grey line. An opportunity for service providers, they seek win-win situations with bloggers.

I've received couple of offers since last year. I don't think i need botox (yet?) nor fillers but i've read the twenty somethings bloggers who tried it.

Is it credible to have a twenty something to write about a botox treatment reducing fine lines? Can you see a difference, if any? Oh right, there's the kind of botox that relaxes your jaw muscles, creating a V shape.

The grass is always greener on the other side, human nature to stand out, to want something more when its unattainable. Thus the phrase, "play hard to get". When you ask an Asian who is the epitome of beauty, we'll say Angelina Jolie. The deep set smokey eyes, high brow bridge and thick lips.

There's nothing really to be jealous actually. The high brow bridges actually make a Caucasian look older and that matters when we age. To illustrate my point, see 43 year old TVB actress Christine Ng (purely coincidental, haha) and 43 year old Hollywood actress Julia Robert.

Ok, maybe i'm biased. I chose the best looking, possibly photo-shopped to death picture of Christine Ng (i can't help it, shares the same name!) VS a possibly un-photoshop Julia on the red carpet.

To be fair, i Google Searched again.

It's not just me, but someone else did a Youtube video if Jessica Alba looked Asian.

While the Caucasians find our slit eyes beautiful, we don't see them doing plastic surgery to achieve those eyes so why are we Asians undergoing surgery for double eye-lids?
Paris runway supermodel from China. Hardly attractive to us Asians isn't it?
Is it because Asian men lust after large eyes so we do it for them? Or will larger eyes make us see more? Like how wide-screen TVs offer that advantage.

It's unfair that in Singapore, Caucasian models are seen as superior and can command a higher price in any commercial job. If an Asian model poses nude, it's Club Snap. If a Caucasian pose nude, it's Avant Garde.

With increasing number of social influencers or personal friends leading the way on cosmetic surgery, think twice about altering looks. What if down the road, you require repair work or constant refilling (whatever that means). I understand that not everyone is blessed with good looks, but are you judging yourself with an unbiased view? Perhaps there should be a truth machine, like the Evil Queen's mirror so that only the real ugly can undergo the knife knowing they absolutely need it to succeed in life.

Because otherwise, many girls do not need the cosmetic surgery. Like how the skinny girls say they're fat, or girls who blot their fries with tissue paper (seriously, why are you eating fries at all?!?)

We already have the first ABSURB case of a husband suing (and won) his wife for $120,000 in Northern China because he felt his wife convinced him to marry her under false pretenses.

The story was, when their baby girl was born, the husband found her so ugly that it horrified him (honestly, all newborns aren't exactly pretty things. So i wonder HOW HORRIFIC it can be).

Perhaps like this?

As the baby resembled neither of the parents (husband thought he looked ok, and his wife is absolutely stunning),
he demanded to know who the father was. An inquiry led his wife admitting that she underwent "intense plastic surgery" in South Korea before meeting him.

The woman had paid $100,000 for the surgery to make her pretty (and marry-able) and now she has to pay $120, 000 to the man who well, loved her for the looks she paid for. How f***ed up is the world?

Until then, stick with the fake eyelashes, make-up and push-up bras to enhance your looks. One day, i believe Asians will rule the world. Single handedly  eyelid-ly.


Silver said...

Eh I wanna rule the world with my double eyelids can or not. I am Asian, and no, it's not a doctor who gave me my lids. ;)

Anonymous said...

I cant belive he won!

Unknown said...

@Anon: i know! Flabbergasted.

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