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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Type of Singaporean are you?

Do you know what's more zun than horoscope readings?

It's the quiz that determines what type of Singaporean you are.

To be honest, i NEVER expected myself to be surfing this site for a good whole hour but i found this initiative by Total Defense highly intriguing.

I answered the 10 quiz questions and found out my type. I am...
It was a total accurate prediction especially when i had a recent "encounter" on the MRT.

I was on the MRT one morning during peak hour and i took out my water bottle. A bespectacled lady glared at me fiercely from an arm's length away. She was dressed in an over sized green tee, jeans, carrying a haversack and clutching books. She had long curly hair like Maggi and looked the age of early 30s. Yes, i find it necessary to give a detailed description of her.

As i slowly uncapped my water bottle, as in slow motion, i saw her mouth opened and her brows frowned fiercer. She then spoke in a Mickey Mouse voice (ok, no she didn't), " Excuse me! You are not allowed to drink in the MRT!"

I looked at her, paused dramatically, took a swig from my bottle with a loud Ahhhhhhh Water! at the end. I could see her shooting fire balls from her eye balls, honestly.

I then felt obliged to explain my unruly behaviour (or rather for a moment i was afraid she was an undercover cop, like a fashion police) so i explained, "I am sick!" Perfect excuse for her to take pity and excuse my lawless behaviour.

She glared this time with lasers shooting from her eyes.

I looked at her, paused dramatically, took a swig from my bottle with a loud Ahhhhhhh Water! at the end.
"Well, you can continue abiding the rules while I'll be a rule breaker and i know I'll succeed in life nonetheless and maybe even better."

That shut her up while everyone else eavesdrop. I saw her taking out her mobile, for a moment my heart stopped thinking she's gonna tweet or worse, STOMP! me.

I figured if she does, i'll do this.
So yes, i am a Break The Law When There's No Choice Singaporean.
I'll drink in the MRT if i am choking on my own spit, or my future baby needs breastfeeding and she/he NEEDS TO DRINK.

Other than that, i AM an EXTREMELY, VERY law abiding goody two shoes Singaporean.

If that MRT lady who chided me did the test, i bet she would get this result.

So what type are you?

There're hilarious options that makes the quiz very fun to do.
To be honest, it's true. Many Singaporeans will not lift a finger when they witness crime. I was in Geylang once having beef hor fun and there was a snatch thief. Everyone stared mouth hanging opening with hor fun coming out as they watched the old granny chased after the snatch thief.

To be honest, i was disappointed in the 2 males (mid 30s) i was with. In the end, it was a Blanga worker and a Malay who chased and caught the thief.

Kudos to the MRT lady who had the guts to tell me off. I DO DESERVE IT.

After finding out what type of Singaporean you are, you can look at what most Singaporeans are.
We ARE after all Chinese! Haha.

Eating anything edible  moving, Singapore is not just about chilli crabs. We've frog legs

as well as turtle soup.
It's My Turn calls on us as Singaporeans to do our part for the nation, not just to defend out Homeland, but as individuals imbued with strong social responsibilities to strengthen our common identity.

Every generation has the responsibility to make life better for themselves and for their next generation. What is our generation?

Is it one that is narcissistic and self-absorbed?

One who patiently and orderly queues for good food

new shops,

and freebies?
Our forefathers have completed their turn. Now it's ours.

We're the Social Media Generation, how can we leverage it to do something good? On the, you can participate by initiating an activity that will hopefully spread.

Be it contributing robustly to the economic well-being of the state, or simply lend a helping hand to a neighbour, we are taking the reins being passed to us to keep Singapore strong, safe and liveable for generations to come. What will you do when it's your turn to defend Singapore?

I know i sing Home with pride.

So go on, take the quiz at, or look up community projects that you can participate in OR join their Twitter contest!
Did i mention i am also a Yau Gui Singaporean?


Marvin said...

liked the song, home. Unfortunately, could really get to hear your solo voice.

great production though..

Anonymous said...

"After finding out what type of Singaporean you are, you can look at what most Singaporeans are."
"We ARE after all Chinese! Haha."
WE Singaporeans are not only Chinese.

Anonymous said...

It was a figure of speech :)


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