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Friday, February 10, 2012

Louis Vuitton Condoms & other Quirky Fashion

As you may already have heard on the chatter where #LVcondoms was trending, here's what the $68 (am assuming USD) rubber looks like.
Complete with with the iconic "LV" raised lettering on the condom, I am guessing it gives extra "feel" when rubbing within walls. Although i thought the material looked pretty thick.
Before you ask your stewardess friends to help purchase from Paris, you need to know the inventive design is not a product from Louis himself (sorry, no loub included). It is actually by a Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria who designed this "fake" condom with Design Provocation in hopes of donating the proceeds for AIDS research.

And i thought Chanel tattoos were cool.

Last season, temporary tattoos were available from Chanel. I went to the Chanel store in Singapore to enquire and it costs SGD 54 for a set of 12 tattoos.

That's $4.50 per tattoo and a design like this needs at least 3 tattoos to create.
I contemplated and mulled over images like these for 2 weeks.
I tried looking for counterfeits but none came close to the classy designs Chanel offered.

No, i did not buy.

Then, i chanced upon Violent Lips and almost ordered some online.
It was USD $12 for 5 and i hesitated. Soon, they made it to our shores, now selling in Watsons. I lost interest as soon as it becomes "common".

Then i saw this online and got excited.
Found even better ones...
In light of the Louis Vuitton condoms, Marc Jacobs did sell Euro $1.50 condoms with its 2008 collection.
The rubber looks thin and blue like Avartar.
Then there is the Christian Louboutin's SEX shoes. Long and widely touted as the sexiest shoes on Earth, a woman's posture is perfect and she doesn't walk anywhere when with it.

The French designer's shoes are known for their lengthening, tautening, perkifying effects and orgasmic potential.

Long worn on the red carpets by Hollywood celebrities, what is sexual in the Louboutin high heels is the arch with the red sole.

"Because it is exactly the position of a woman's foot when she orgasms. So, putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself in a possibly orgasmic situation."
A heel so high that doesn't allow you to walk anywhere? Sex it may look, but it actually makes you a dead fish.

Then there is up and coming designer Lindsay Degen who displayed these designs at the recent catwalk.
No need for imagination at all.
and they say the VPL (visible panty line) is a no-no.

That's Lindsay Degen with her droopy breast necklace.
She is quite a pretty and quirky young lady. I bet she is inspired by the Japanese.
I like quirky fashion. I think the quirkiest items i own are the tattoo stockings which honestly i've only worn twice. First to a birthday party where none of my friends believed i got inked. Another at a shopping mall, i got frowned upon by the Aunties but the bored Uncles who were waiting for their wives outside the dressing room chatted me up and found them cool!
And my panda shorts which i've also only worn twice (its hard to find a matching top!) which my mum honestly feels at my age i really shouldn't.
Because of this panda pants, my brother thought i was into all things panda and got me this as a souvenier.
Sorry Bro, i really don't know where to wear this to.
And for the last time, leggings are NOT pants. But if you really have to, at least wear something totally awesome!
 I'd even start wearing one-peice swimsuits because of these designs.
Alas, the AUD is currently going strong and is not cheap. So if you can't afford the real thing, you can do it the innovative way. It is still absolutely cool! And if the counterfeit police comes after you, well, you can easily throw it in the thrash because it was well, one to begin with.
So, for brand conscious Singaporeans who hate using condoms, get the LV. It's the best thing to wear when you're wearing nothing. Although I'd say, wait for the Angry Bird condom.

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