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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dead Fly Art

I thought i was pretty cool by putting a dead Austrian fly under a fry.
Then i saw Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr's work and i pale in comparision. Captions are my own.

At least we know the European flys are alot bigger and slower than the Asians. Asians are skinny and fast, hard to kill. I'll get a better chance in creating art with cockroaches. Where can i catch some?
It's my birthday today!
My mum is busy with the house work because it's a party later.
Like Father, like Son.
We hired a pony for the party.
The first guest to arrive is my Uncle.
We played games.

There were too many flys, the toilet got clogged.

 Then we took a trip to the museum.

While my parents stayed home to clean.

I turn 21, and my friends took me to Geylang.

Ah, what a Birthday.

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