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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Charity Dinner Date.

Are you still looking for a Valentine's date?

Here's an interesting concept by Sold.SG. You can

1) Date me
2) Donate to charity
3) Eat for free (food, NOT me)

I am actually not as high maintenance as one would think. My starting bid value ONLY starts at $0.15.
Bid for Charity - All proceeds from this auction goes to charity. Win a dinner date at Limoncello with Christine on Feb 16th.

Christine is a storyteller. Her blog, as stated on her homepage, contains “no photoshop, no falsies, no push-up bras. Just real life situations.” Christine gives her readers her account of the world in funny, light-hearted posts.


A vivacious nature, she has dived with the sharks, sky dived and bungee jumped. She seeks a like-minded adventurous soul who can share her bucket list. She enjoys listening as much as sharing stories. Capturing a pigeon enjoying KFC and a fly squashed by a fry, she titles the pictures "It's a Bird eat Bird world out there" and "Fly death by a Fry." A flawed but improving content creator. Make her laugh and she'll peel prawns for you.

While studying in Australia, Christine got into blogging to keep her parents and friends informed with her news from Down Under. Her blogs initially comprised “mundane” posts like about her learning how to cook, but soon developed into more sophisticated posts on her various life experiences.

To date, Christine has appeared in various print and television commercials and has an impressive modeling portfolio up her sleeve, including 2006 Miss Ralph Lauren Champion, FHM Girl Next Door Top 10 finalist and 2010 Miss Earth finalist. She has also hosted/emceed various events and provided written material or a number of organisations.

Christine Seeks:

Balding, simple-minded, ex-circus weirdo. Loves eating mayonnaise with peanut butter sandwiches in the rain. Seeks exotic character who likes sleeping upside down, preferably hairy and stinky. No freaks please.

Funds raised by this auction will be donated to


Limoncello Restaurant is the brainchild of Restaurateur Mark Anthonisz and Fabio Iannone who have brought about a Team of talented individuals including Evecutive Chef’s Emiddio Cioffi and Mauro Crescendo from the Amalfi Coast.

Fabio Iannone is a Chef by Profession having founded La Braceria with Chef Emiddio who returned from Japan for Limoncello’s project. A Trained Sommelier from Accor Hotels and having worked with Gordon Ramsey’s, Daniel Boulud and Marina Bay Sands Singapore to name a few, Mark has been tasked with heading both the Front and Heart of Limoncello’s House.

Limoncello strives to exceed the expectations of it’s guests. Genuine Service and Traditional Fare from the coast of Amalfi is the focus of each new day. Napolitana wood fired pizzas and charcoal grilled meats and seafood is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Date & Time Thursday 16 February 2012, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm 

So yes, if you win this bid, you don't have to pay the meal. I'm not the typical Singaporean girl, we'll go dutch and i can get home on my own. Ok, i'm joking. The meal will be generously sponsored by Limoncello and i promise i will gaze into your eyes and converse with you instead of being an irritating food blogger. I prefer my food hot, if you must know.

Use code 'xoxosold' for 1 bonus token. Get an account and start bidding!
Purchase starts at $15 for 20 tokens though, but each token is worth $0.15. You can use the remaining 19 tokens for other items available like a Galaxy Note (latest bid at $342), Kino $50 vouchers (latest bid $0.30), Nikon DSLR (latest bid $44.05), GV vouchers (latest bid $0.07) and many more. Wow! That's crazy prices and currently there not many bidders (this site is a best kept secret!). High chance of getting that DLSR at $50 or GV vouchers for $2. Look at the crazy prices things have been bought so far.

So bid away today and i'll see you soon ;p


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