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Friday, February 17, 2012

Browhaus Express Lash vs Musee Natural Lash Extentions

I don't use falsies because i could never stick them on neatly. Besides, i heard that the glue dries out your eye lids. But if i do need them for stage, shoots or special dates, i use Shu Uemura glue which was recommended by a girlfriend who is never seen without her falsies.
Costing $21 in our Singapore stores ($9 in Tokyo, it's a black tube), it is a adhesive that stays on long enough, nothing's more embarrassing than drooping lashes. Ok, maybe chicken fillets dropping out of bikinis like what i saw at Miss Singapore is more embarrassing.

Make-up artists have also recommended hand-made soft criss cross falsies to look the most natural.
However, when i don't need falsies, Anna Sui's Super Mascara Water Proof pulls me through the day without smudges. They make my lashes look extremely long too, except that it is often clumpy.
$36 at Sephora.
Coated with Anna Sui mascara.
Then i was invited to review Musee, which i did and i was absolutely in love with the lash extensions (chose the natural look). My natural lashes did not drop despite horror stories, I did not have to get it removed professionally as they dropped one by one automatically. Best of all, they looked SO NATURAL that everyone knew i looked different but can't quite lay their finger on what it was.

A woman must have her secrets. The men cannot know without her push-up bra, the falsies, the make-up, her hair extensions, that she is ACTUALLY CMI one. Cannot.Make.It.

I could wash my face (not rub the eyes) and exercise as per normal. I found my eyes abit more itchy than usual though. The lash extensions were so addictive that after the first session ($120 for 100 strands), i went for 2 touch ups ($30 each time). Then i stopped, just because.

After that first experience of lash extensions, i thought it was an ingenious idea to look made-up without make-up. Alas, MUSEE has closed down their lash extension service because their Japanese trainer went back home. That's how perfectionists the Japanese are. Perhaps they couldn't train their local therapists in time so they decided to shelve it.

Recently, i started itching for the convenience of semi-permanent lash extensions again and i checked out Browhaus Express Lash in Bloom.

Unfortunately, Browhaus Express Lash in Bloom ($75) paled in comparison. It may not be a fair comparison judging that the Browhaus ELB, because it being an express service (30 mins), uses clusters instead of Musee's stand by strand technique.

Making a comparison:
Browhaus Express Lash in Bloom.
Musee's Natural Lash Extensions.
The very obvious difference is that Browhaus ELB, despite recommended as "the natural look" looked nothing natural at all. Even worse when there is no make-up and no brows drawn, i looked like a freaky doll.
Au Naturel only with Musee.
Au Naturel only with Browhaus ELB.

Although, the more prominent lashes do well in photos.


 Alas, i am not a camera whore and i don't live anonymously behind the computer so i do not prefer the ELB. I meet people and i don't use make-up all the time, i will prefer not looking like a creepy doll but will rather look undetected with falsies.

Browhaus's ELB is also heavy and stiff, although to be fair, one must be reminded it is glued on in clusters compared to strand by strand. However, the technique must be the same and it looked as if Browhaus glued the falsies on to the roots of my natural (they claim they don't) which makes me very worried that my natural ones will start dropping! I have lash strengthening serums but i can't seem to brush it on because ELB is too thick and i can't see my roots! Didn't have that problem with Musee's, i could coat both my natural and the extensions with the serum.

I'm tempted to pay $20 for professional removal, barely 5 days after getting ELB. We'll see. Watch this space for updates.

Meanwhile, let me just cam whore more.


Anonymous said...

do you know of any other place that does good lash by lash extensions? i'm eager to try after seeing your review on MUSEE but sad to know it has closed down! :(

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately i havent had personal experience w anyone so i wouldn't
Recommend any that i've heard etc. I only wanna endorse the really good stuff! Will let u know if musee makes a comeback! Fingers crossed.


Unknown said...

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