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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fly High with Bonus$aver

Are you saving much? I have always been a saver, but saving pennies and cents are so slow! Yet i am not a risk taker, so i don't dabble in volatile stocks. All these cash sitting in the local bank doing nothing yet earning 0.03% interest. That's $7.50 if you have $25,000 in savings.

That's not bad. At least i get to watch a FREE movie a year for putting my savings with a local bank.

We don't have to settle for less.

Standard Chartered has launched the Bonus$aver, a current account bundled with a credit card that boasts impressive savings rate of 1.88% p.a!

That's $470 interest earned for $25,000. That's 62 FREE movies a year!

Surely i rejoice!

The Bonus$aver account is equipped with the following features:

1. Customers receive 1.88% p.a. interest for the first S$25,000 of their deposit if they fulfill a monthly min.spend of $500 on the Bonus$aver credit/debit card.
2. Customers receive Bonus$aver prevailing interest on the remaining deposit amount that ranges 0.1-0.2% (still higher than the usual local bank!)
3. No minimum deposit amount

4. No lock-up period
5. Access to over 100 ATMS (I so need this! The default bank ALWAYS have a long queue! Especially on Mondays)
To be honest, i have heard from friends who have hunt around that Standard Chartered offers the best interests on savings. I am definitely going to find out more to get more money without doing anything!
 To reinforce Bonus$aver, i was invited to fly high with iFly.
It was a fun experience however you spend much time hearing the briefing, getting suited up (30 mins) but only 30 seconds of flying. It was nothing like the real thing, but still i probably wouldn't pay so much for 30 seconds of flight. But if Bonus$aver lets me earn interest in the range of 1.88%, its flying free and more!
Flying high is alot about body, arm and leg coordination. If you straighten your back, you soar. The more you arch your back, you come crashing down. Most people panic and your arms will flail and their legs will kick (guy in red suit). Keep calm and fly on (me in blue!).

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