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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Live, Laugh, Love.


Often, we get too caught up with our daily routines, our jobs, and our duties that life seems to be all about work, work and more work.

This week it had been a low point because of work stress. I had to pull myself out of the rut by remembering to live.

Living is about taking the time to smell the roses.
Every October, Tasmania has a Spring Tulip Festival.

Living is about not worrying and fearing about the unknown future, it is about focusing the good of the moment. Feast and wine, take joy in how minute your problems are compared to others who are less fortunate than you.
Every late February, strawberries, raspberries, apples and nashi pears are in season. Pick your own fruit in the farms of Tasmania!

Then I remembered to laugh. Mark Twain once said, “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”

Laugh when you face people who dislike you, they are only jealous.
Laugh when you face stress, it will soon be over.
Laugh when you’re embarrassed, it’s creates a life story you can tell.
Laugh when everyone else isn’t, they’ll want to be able to laugh like you do.
There are also the people that I love and I reminded myself that life is not about work but the people on Earth we are meant to make a difference to. There are more priorities in life than it is about being in the rat race, and that priority is to live, laugh and love.

I love my family and I love my friends. I need to take time to nurture relationships, take time to speak to people and for once, not be updating my Twitter, Facebook or Blog. Life is not a constant status update, but about sharing experiences in person, in real time.
I definitely need that breather, find a perfect place to rekindle love & when you’re kinda strapped for cash to get a holiday, you use your wits to win one!

Tourism Tasmania is offering an opportunity to WIN a holiday!

In 100 words or less, Express Your Love for whatever it is that you love. It could be in the form of a poem, a passage, a song or a picture or video. Be as creative as you like and win!

Entries will be loaded onto Discover Tasmania’s Facebook page commencing on 10th February 2012 and the entry judged the most creative and best presentation with lots of Facebook "Likes" will win a holiday to Tasmania.

The winner is announced on 29th February 2012 and will travel with partner to Tasmania from 13th to 20th March 2012 – 6 glorious nights in Tasmania worth S$10,000.

Start preparing your entries today!

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