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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


When Omy asked me to be sold as a date, i gamely agreed without second thought. There will be 9 other bloggers, a mixture of male and females.

But i've to admit i did think it would be embarrassing if any one of us is cheaper than a roti prata. Then again, i thought it'll be a real pity not to support especially if it's a fun concept and all proceeds go to charity. Besides, i get a free meal. Italian, my second favourite cuisine. I admit, i am cheapskate. Which explains my cheap closing bid too.

So ridiculously cheap that it created talk in forums, which i thought was hilarious.
Surely, there were unfavorable comments behind the anonymity of the Internet like "if end of the day is still at $0.00, that show how unpopular they are. and you also know the reason why they are still single."

or "doesn't come a session at budget hotel? hmm..not keen.."

 The language used is also really quite cute.

"I ish bui bui foreveralone... maybe want try hoot and bid Kanny jie jie"

"got free piak? "

"0 dollar nia why no moolah? I not too sure how the bid works. Any sexpert here?"

Then one sole ranger stood up for us, with cute language used too.

"Support lah, you single Stinkaporean guys should support such charities. if i'm still single and in Stinkapore I would've bid away. Have some balls for once."

Nonetheless, we were all game. Roti prata or Chicken rice, we all showed up dressed in our Sunday Valentine's best. The highest bid male blogger Daniel  ($82.65) took this seriously. He dressed up for the occasion, complete with a cute bow tie and get this....A BOUQUET FOR HIS ANONYMOUS DATE, who turned out to be quite a looker too! Win, win win.

There's something old-school about Daniel the way he treated his first date. "Thumbs-Up!"
Then the highest female bid, Joanne Marie Sim wore a beautiful revealing yet classy dress fit for the red carpet. Now, Joanne as i know her is usually a no-frills kinda girl mostly without make-up. On Tuesday, she wore smokey eye make-up, which surely took much effort.
Her anonymous date was a shy gentleman who spent about $230 in total bidding for Joanne whose closing bid was $91.20.
Irene's anonymous bidder came dressed with a coat as well, which i thought was very unlike Singaporeans. Plus point!
Kanny's anonymous bidder turns out to be a female! Her husband was actually the winner but being the faithful husband, he asked his wife to take his place instead. He only wanted to donate to charity!
Calvin's anonymous bidder even brought a small gift for him!

If you had read the fine print (which many didn't, judging on the conversations on forums), it was a group date and yes, the food is free (worth $95++ per person)! Which was an EXTREMELY good deal if you had won me at $21.45, or $1.20 or $3.60.

Which explains why the other winning bidders were all friends of the bloggers.
William and friend.
 Priscilla and friend.
Claire and friend.
Eric makes a good date because he talks to you about the latest shopping haunts and bargains like a girlfriend would!

Limoncello Restaurant graciously feed all 20 of us without asking for a dime! So that more could go to appointed charity, The Spastic Children's Association. Located in Rivergate, a condominium, it is by the serene river, on the side walk. Heavy wooden oak tables with dim lights and breezy fans are the main features of the deco. Serving authentic Italian cuisine, with pastas all home-made!

Burrata Cheese Served with Grilled Vegetables, Rucola Salad, Cherry Tomatoes and Parma Ham 
Homemade Cannelloni Filled with Ricotta and Veal. My FAVOURITE.
Assorted Napolitana Pizza.

Pan Seared Kurobuta Pork Glazed with Apricot and Balsamic
Sweets! Can't do without deserts.

There were alot more other amazing dishes that wasn't captured because i refused to be that narcissistic distracted blogger while on a date. Maybe you can check out William's blog if you want to know more about the food since i saw him snapping diligently at the dishes. Besides his male friend 'date' would understand. I gave mine full attention :)

Very good Italian wine was also graciously sponsored to make the night a merry one.
Here's a juicy gossip. One of the bidders won the bid with a date not of his choice but he was trying for someone else but lost.

I must say,
1) he read the fine print to know it'll be a group date, kudos to his detail to fine print.
2) he's pretty smart to bid anyway, so he can still see his "first choice" whom he "lost"

However, i think at the end of the night, he's captivated nonetheless with the blogger whom he "won".

Sometimes, never judge a book by its cover. The one he originally aimed for may not be as captivating as the one he got as "consolation".
In total, we raised $3,100 for The Spastic Children's Association in a very innovative way, only made possible by brave souls, creative minds and generous sponsors of wine and food. You can read more at Omy too.

It was my first time on a blind date, and i must say my heart was thumping. Oh, and my date?
Here's he.

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claire said...

hiii babe! so glad to see you at the dinner :) we should find the chance to talk more! i think we have quite a few common interests hahaha.

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