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Monday, February 20, 2012

Love! Tasmania in Stop Motion

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, Tourism Tasmania will be running a contest where users can submit in their own words on how he/she would ’Express Your Love’ for whatever it is that he/she loves. Selected submissions will be posted up on Tourism Tasmania's official Facebook Page for public voting. The entry judged the most creative and best presentation with lots of Facebook “LIKES” will win an 8 Days 6 Nights trip to Tasmania for 2!

In 100 words or less, Express Your Love for what ever it is that you Love. It could be in the form of a poem, a passage, a song, a picture* or video* – be as creative as you like. Of course if you include Tasmania you do get additional points.

It's a season of non-stop eating, feasting, socializing and counting money.
And i swear i once saw "cum" labelled on one of the Lo Hei ingredients bought from Carrefour and we had a laugh. I can't find that picture i posted before now!!

Chinese New Year is my favourite season for it's a period of cherishing relationships and gathering of dozen relatives from all corners of Singapore. One occasion for capturing silly pictures like this!
Taken by Instagramer Debbie that made her granny go viral and famous!

And when one is bored staring into space while visiting a relative's house? You do stop motion!

One more week to win that holiday worth $10,000! Have fun creating your entry, click on the banner on my right side bar to submit or here.

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