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Monday, February 13, 2012

A visit to the Abercrombie & Fitch store.

Remember the queue outside H&M?
Soon everyone was wearing H&M.
Hideous design.
Then there was the hype about Abercrombie and the girls went abit crazy like a koala bear with rabies.
I finally got a chance to step in this afternoon. And if you ask me describe Abercrombie?

It is like this..........


Upon entering the store, darkness surrounds you. Loud thumping music plays and you're transported into  a club. Yes, minors are allowed in this club. Preferably minors with deep pockets. 

The first thing that greets me, other than the half naked dude was more half naked dudes. They are wrestling and they're not gay.
Experiential shopping, the store is. Except it's too damn dark for me to see what i'm shopping. Surprisingly, my iPhone could capture some pictures well lit enough to see. The store is like a wonderland. Spanned across 3 floors with nooks and crannies to explore, a large Moose's head greets you at one section, a naked statue with insignificant package at another.

 Then there is that auntie too who diligently wipes all glass surfaces every second.
Speaking of the mirrors, while i like the hire of good looking boys, they are too distracted by their own reflections.

I hope they bought insurance for shoppers in case we trip and roll down the dimly lit stairs.

The changing rooms however, are decently lit so you can have a final look at what you're going to spend $150 on. However, one must note it is still special lighting in the rooms and those play tricks on your eyes. But how wrong can a man get with polo tees?
 How can i forget that overpowering smell of Abercrombie. If you had spent an entire day walking up and down the streets of Orchard Rd, step in to Abercrombie to refresh your smell. The perfume surrounds and envelope you. I see imaginary hands wrapping around me snugly, an inch away from suffocating.
 Fierce. That's what it is.
There are other perfumes on sale too, unfortunately i can't differentiate the smells, it was all too confusing.

 Don't leave without a Polaroid. After all, you did come for the six pecs, no?
My eyes had to adjust like a vampire upon stepping out.

Man, it was an experience.

The Ambercrombie experience is this....
Stepping out of the black hole.


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