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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Power of Facebook

My younger brother just had his birthday and when you have parties,
people usually get you useless presents that gets tossed into the back of the cupboard. So i suggested to him that his friends share and get a new cage for his beloved rabbit whom he tortures
by placing her in cage with painful flooring (grills!) for over a year.
So he did what everyone does, update his status on FB.
"If you're buying me a present, get something for my rabbit. A cage will be good.
No rabbit food please, i'll punch you."
His birthday wish was granted, and it comes with a bonus male bunny. The pet shop sure knows how to milk its animals. If you wanted a different colour or a mix, it's extra $$$. If you want a female, it's also $$$.
Toki and Kopi aren't really bonding yet, but in a matter of time, i bet they'll be humping away like rabbits.
Which reminds me, i also posted my birthday wish list last year on FB, how come i didn't get a single item? Guess i'm not as lovable as my brother, or my friends are just not friends enough :P

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