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Monday, June 7, 2010

I still find it pretty amusing that i am a finalist in the modelling category in Omy Awards. I remember being very flattered when i received the notification that Seet has nominated me. So i clicked the URL and thought naaah, i don't qualify as a model, so i filled in my details for the Individual category instead. This blog is  individualistic with free-wheeling content about daily lives and musings that
cannot fit into any categorisation.

Alas, Omy and Seet feels i should be in the modelling category, however in Mandarin, it translates as 部落格里贴满自拍或和朋友一起搞怪、扮美美帅帅的生活照。So i think the English title should appropriately be named Best VAINPOT Blog or Best NARCISSIST Blog.
Anyway, the point of this post is to announce my endeavour into premium bikinis. This peice i'm wearing retails at $99 in Singapore. I'm selling it at 30% off! Responses are not forthcoming, maybe i ought to change to selling them USED! Then at least perhaps i get some male customers.
An eminent glamorous swimwear brand which advocates superior quality through its innovative high tech product and delicate handmade craftsmanship. Stylishly sleek & chic designs and “second skin” feel, whilst seeking perfection deep down into details. Helmed by a French designer, the team have been manufacturing swimwear since 1989 in Paris.

So make use of our Singapore's weather when the French can't possibly wear bikinis all year long.
P.S i hear they let their armpit hair grow during winter. Those pits don't see daylight anyway.

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Lingyi said...

CONGRATS!!! will vote for u :)

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