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Monday, June 21, 2010

Laugh Monday Blues Away

This is a personal joke to us. You know how bad signages are found all over China? Like this one:
The word 干 (gan) means dry and in this instance meant to mean "dry goods". But in slang, the chinese word means **ck. Sometimes it can mean "finish him/her off!", something the Hong Kong gangsters will say.

My dear mummy loves leaving us notes. Telling us what to drink, what to eat when she leaves the home before my brothers wakes up. Unfortunately, she can't speak, write nor understand English as well as we do. Her latest note was **cking hilarious (pardon the pun). I adore my innocent mother.
She must be really angry with him about something we didn't know. .

1 comment:

Goldfish Uncle said...

WAHAHHAHAHA, goodness... Shaun got pwned by mom

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