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Friday, June 18, 2010

I always liked going to airports. The anticipation of someone touching down, the excitement of you leaving. I feel sad whenever i am left behind though.
Let's do a bag check.
Clockwise: notebook (when inspiration strikes), novel (still the same book since India!haha), wallet + coin purse (japan uses alot of coins for MRT), sachet of hand cream, wet wipes, face cream and face mask (good idea to put on a mask in the airplane as you sleep!), lip balm, sunglasses, camera (in watermelon pouch), travel itinerary (King Kong folder), Japanese phrase book and SPY CAM FINDER (borrowed from my friend who bought it to detect spy cameras that might be recording you bathing/ having sex in the hotel rooms. When it comes to the Japanese fetishes, you shouldn't take any chances).

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