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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Food Girl" Series by Wendy Ding

Japan is fixated with hard-ons. In my time here (and still here), i've seen cartoon characters in various forms (key chain, picture, cuddly toys etc) all sporting a hard-on. I got to correct my price guess-timates on the adult toys in my earlier post because i get to check them out here first hand! That budget doll (amputated cushion without head) is 20,000Y so that's SGD $300. If you want a head (no pun intended), it's double. There're many different types of inflatables, some are actually really kawai-i. The Tenga egg isn't as expensive as i predicted. It's only $5 each, they come in a tray of 6 like at NTUC! Very affordable, although i doubt it's re-usable. Also, not only do they have cup noodles, they have beer cans, beer bottles and even Calbee chip cups (they even have a bag of 10 cups just like how you'll buy chips at NTUC.)Guess i won't be a winner on the game show "The Price is Right".

So i've travelled from Hakodate to Sapporo and now in Tokyo. I've smelt lavender, ate countless soft serves, sampled live BLEEDING sea urchins and whale meat (dead of course, and i'm not proud of it), and spent a bomb on USELESS Nihon-ji stuff, getting giddy by the thought of it!

Today i witnessed the Yakuza (smartly dressed men) passing name cards to pretty kawai-i girls at Harajuku. Like how "modelling agencies" hand out name cards in Orchard Road, 
here they recruit porn stars. 

Watch this space. There'll be sexciting photos, i promise.
DISCLAIMER: and promises are meant to be broken ;p

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