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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jessica's FAT ass

Just for fun, to better illustrate how tabloids work with their 'Jennifer's fat' or 'Tara's fat' headlines. Here're my ugly pictures, courtesy of my friend's random snapping.
I got a double chin lah!

This is another very tabloid-y picture. I even have the typical tabloid-y picture of the back view with a wedgie one lah, courtesy of a very bored friend who didn't want to go into the waters.

This is the 'oey, what you taking' look.

Then the 'nice' shot.

So morale of story is...either pictures are deceiving, the nice pictures of me are just flattering angles. I do not look like this at all. (but i do absolutely no edits on any pictures found on this blog, too lazy and not so bo liao)

OR the paparazzi job is simply to snap ugly pictures of you on purpose to sell their tabloids (i.e. taking angle up, concentrate on your ass because you're wearing stripes which naturally widens your rear by illusion).

So i suppose, that defeats seeing is believing? It should be touching is believing. HAH.


Shyanne said...


i love that bikini!!

and the beach looks oh-so-gorgeous. we must do sentosa soon.

Chrispy Tine said...

but stripes make ur bum look big

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