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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Month in Snapshots

When expats move to Asia to work, their companies compensate them with a "hardship" package. Like our Asian flies, I always found them moving faster and thus harder to swat. Perhaps due to food not easily available, they have to work harder and thus skinnier.

We caught this fly in Europe.
Fries contains 2 cancer causing compounds. Fries Kill, or 
That's One Ambitious Fly, or
I should be a Food Blogger.

So cute till i want to diiiiiiie. Despicable Me with the Cam Whore baby bunnies that popped 30 June.
This is 2 weeks when its eyes slowly opened.

Pocket sized pet.

My blue eyed boy.
Got engaged by Jigo and did some honest reviews. The talk of the town was my Angry Bird middle finger. I read that the creators of the addictive game is coming to Asia to impose their copyright on the fake proprietors with the toys and such.
Will they chop off my finger before i even get to flip them the finger?

Spent my summer across 4 continents in 10 days. It was a passport stamp collecting field day.
Made some Japanese friends and they were very tickled that a girl gave them her name card with celebrity, model, and DJ all in one title. After uploading this photo to Facebook, we realised we have celebrities amongst us too! Hugh Grant and Eric Khoo.

Did a photo-shoot with OMY for the Blog Awards.
Tried gracing the event as a mummy but failed miserably.
I stole the life size standee of myself from the event. It was pretty obvious as i walked out of Shanghai Dolly, a 3kg wood in tow.
My brother who hasn't seen it came home late at night and got a fright. He thought his sister had gone mad, dressed up and stood in one corner waking for him to return. He gingerly stepped forward to make sure if "i'm" real or not. He said if "i" had moved, he would have punched me, regardless.

However i think "i" would've given him splinters.
I myself when alone at home would also think twice about the dark figure standing by the doorway. For a moment, i would think i forgot to lock the door and an intruder came in.

My mum says she wouldn't give it to the garung guni man, for fear he may be pervert and treat me like a love doll.

I think "i" would also give him splinters.

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