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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Living in Marie Alm,Austria.

Brother figured the idiotic way that planking squashes the face.

Like a dog, he likes the wind in his face.
Picturesque scenery, we drive 2 hours from Munich airport across the Austrian borders.
Stopped along the way to have the best peach tarts and hot chocolate of the trip.
Amused by the waitress (and all across Austria) dressed in their national costume and carry their "cashier" around. It was a culture shock to see them carry the leather wallet, trust must be utmost amongst the service staff. It is also highly efficient for the restaurant.

With GPS in rented cars nowadays, free & easy trips are good to go!
With the ipod jack, Car-aoke completes the experience. 
The backyard of our hotel, literally. 
Every morning i take a jog in the cold summer air around the small town.
There is only 2 bakery in the town and every morning, we're at the same one by the corner. We can only point through the glass our choice of bread with many hand gestures giving our order of cuppa.

Such is the language barrier in small towns.
When in doubt, pass of as Japanese. Smile and bow alot, that helps. 
They'll find you cute.
Village nights happen even in secluded towns.
 Performers come out and the entire town gathers to watch.

 How deprived we are, to not have backyards like this. Vast land, beautiful blue, majestic mountains, even the men are gay (happy).

Our children grow up with DS Lite, PS and Iphones, the Europeans grow up with playgrounds with Lord of the Rings imagination.

Cam whore @ the entrance of a boutique hotel.
In the neighbouring town, there is a golf course that made the Singaporean uncle go green with envy.

Plenty of photo shoots while the adults check out the golf fees. Too awsome to give it a miss!

And then the resident dog found me.
Milking demonstration @ noon.
What a dog's life.


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