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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Truth About Parabens


Ever since my parents became health nuts 10 years ago, we became very particular about what we use and consume. My dad is quite an extremist in this, but I practice such culture moderately.

However, I do agree that since our skin is the largest organ, I take special care in choosing products for the skin.

I will inspect the ingredient label on skincare. In food, the no-nos are trans fat, preservatives and sugar. It is hard to avoid but increasingly more foods have labels indicating free of the above.

Even so, you may need to look closer, as there may be substitutes, like aspartame for sugars, which is then probably worse being artificial sugar.

In skincare, the no-nos when I shop are talc, sodium laureth sulphate and paraben.

Paraben, a chemical used as a preservative in most skincare is cancer causing. Our skin will be absorbing toxic if we use for a long period of body and face moisturizers containing paraben.

L’ESSENCE D’EAU GROUP was founded in 1978, France and is now taking Singapore by storm. They have the magic bubble mask which is a deep cleaning magic bubble mask that helps to remove oils and bacteria from the skin.

Organic ingredients detoxify skin and diminish the appearance of pore. Cloves, tea tree, grape seed and other natural organic botanical extract clean and smooth skin's appearance. 100% biodegradable. This product contains no parabens, phthalates, artificial colors or animal ingredients and was not tested on animals.

Magic Bubble Mask (Grape)
To exfoliate dead skin cells, whitening or brightening of skin and pore shrinking.

           The Fruit and Floral Organic range of products, emerging in the Europe and Asia cosmetics market since 2010 with its bestselling line - the Magic Bubble Mask, is meant to actually exfoliate dead skin cells and brighten the skin. The Magic Bubble Mask has the purported benefit of exfoliating, detoxifying, whitening skin or brightening it to make it look more radiant with the use of oxygen.


     Intensive Recovery Complex (Pomegranate)
     To visibly soften the appearance of age spots with SPF 50 .

      No surgical lifts but tightening of skin. No laser skin treatment but result in pigmentation reduction. No spending more than you need!
Experience a tried and tested skin formulation that delivers skin rejuvenation and pigment control. In addition to desirable anti-aging purpose, it restores one's skin to youthful smoothness and endows a natual and healthy glow. RP creams are ensured to be safe for long-term use in harnessing their anti-aging purposes. Formulated with sunblock, RP creams are perfect for daytime use. 

      Blemish Control Complex (Rose Wood, Tea Tree)
 To visibly fades dark spots and skin discolorations with SPF 50

This daily moisturizer utilizes a special blend of natural botanicals that has been shown to be very effective on blemish-prone skin. An advanced formula that visibly fades dark spts and skin discolorations for an even, natural skin tone. Excellent for either oily or combination skin, this gentle moisturizer will help balance your skin's chemistry, prevent clogged pores and bacterial infection while reducing inflammation and hydrating skin.

   Porcelain Skin Whitening Cream (Bearberry)
  To reduce age spots, freckles and uneven Skin Tone.

This cream is meant to reduce melanin, a pigment that determines the colour of one’s skin and hair. High levels of melanin often result in darker skin tones. This cream would be able to diminish dark spots, etc. Freckles, which are small dots of concentrated melanin, could also fade away with the use of this cream. The use of this cream requires patience; it may take weeks or even months to see results as they are organic ingredients as compared to those harsh chemicals used in other skin care products for faster results.


I know how is it with skin care, if it isn't offered at a good price, why would you try? So, Jigo is offering their latest range of skin care and luxurious daily care products at a good deal!

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