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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mad about Nail Art,a review @ HairFolio

Gel nails have taken Singapore by storm and it’s the perfect solution for:

1)   1) On-the-go achievers who find waiting 1 hour for the nail polish to dry a waste of time.
2)  2) Tomboys like me who am rough with zippers and chip my manicure within seconds.
3)  3) Also the perfectionist who can’t stand patchy nails after two weeks, especially all that typing on the computer keyboard.

A professional can only apply gel nails and using a UV light to dry, it is not a cheap set-up. Thus the service can range from $65 to $80. A traditional manicure can cost from $25-$40. Removing gel nails is also at an additional cost starting from $10-$15, unlike traditional nail removal which is usually cost in the manicure price.

Of the three times I have done gel nails, I found them to last for well over a month. MUSEE, for example lasted close to 3 months! That was well worth the $65 (instead of $25 x3), except it still is rather painful to part with $65 if you are a gel nail virgin.

Then there is Hairfolio (#B1-10/11
Dhoby Ghaut Exchange). Gel nails are at $44, it is certainly a bargain!

Yee Sin at Hairfolio is the type of manicurist I want. Decorating her workspace with personal photos, you get to know her and her idol.
No qualms about hugging Taiwanese star Xiao Zhu, our idle conversations went something like this:

Me: Never do nail art with the bling bling on the pinkie. You can’t dig your nose comfortably!
She: But I don’t dig my nose with my pinkie! It has no strength. Not shiok!
Me: Huh! But if you don’t use the smallest finger, you will be the BIG NOSTRIL GIRL!!
She: We’re still young, our nostril skin is elastic, and it will expand and bounce back.

Other than comical her, I also particularly enjoy catching up on Hollywood gossip that I otherwise am too stingy to purchase ($5.90 leh!)
This is truly ME time.

A manicurist for 9 years, this girl works hard from 11am-10pm. She hardly go out or online, thus I am really impressed she is trendy enough to create….

I was terribly excited and inspired by the Hokkien version of Blue Bird, I decided to only have it painted on where else, but my middle finger.

Taking vulgarity to a game level!
All the better to scold you with, Bitch!
Except it’s UPSIDE DOWN!
So I’ll do it the lady-like way.

Honestly, I am hardly a vulgar person so I doubt I will be flashing the finger that often, so I also got the HUNGRY Hello Kitty and Melody painted.

A hungry man is an angry man.
Times like this, I am SO glad I am a girl!

With these gel nails and 3D art (the ribbon), I can be sure they last without dropping off for at least 2 weeks.

At $44, maybe the virgin gel nail experience is contemplation but JigoCity is having a deal this

I’ve personally have not tried any group buying at all because I am a cautious shopper afraid to be cheated and often feel the deal is too good to be true.

So JigoCity picked me to be their ambassador of the month to help authenticate their deals!
They have my stamp of approval.
Daily Deals for the Way I Live.
They also have deals around the regions of Australia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong!

I waltzed out of Hair Folio with my happy feet.
Click on to Jigocity now.

Nail art is at an additional fee starting from $5 per nail and I discovered Yee Sin’s hidden talent.

From my first gel nail experience at MUSEE, I have learnt not to be too outrageous with the nail design due to its long lasting effect. Like my nautical blue striped nails that unexpectedly lasted longer than I thought was so difficult to match! Funky most of the time, boys thought I looked like a monster as if I ate War Heads that made my tongue blue.
So I’ve learnt.
And chose nude or designs with clear bases so nail growth are not obvious after 3 weeks.

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