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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sui Japanese Restaurant, A Hidden Gem.

It has always been the norm for a gentleman to buy a lady dinner. I turned the tables around this time and took a gentleman out for dinner instead.

Obscurely located at 81 Neil Road (7 mins walk from Outram MRT, Police HQ exit), it is a hidden gem.


I like how the chinese word “drunk” is translated into Japanese, Sui which is the restaurant’s name.

Winning & Tatler. Sui is touted to be Singapore’s Best Restaurant.

Upon arrival, my date exclaimed, “ I’ve always walked by this Japanese place! But never did get to try it.”

I assumed I scored the first brownie point: he is excited.

Sui has a seasonal set menu, offering the finest ingredients of the season. Everything is delicately hand picked and lovingly hand created.

First, we have 2 glasses house-made plum wine. I am not a fan of alcohol really but this plum wine is the BEST I’ve ever drunk. I can down 3 glasses or more, it is a lady’s favourite but my male date surprisingly also likes it’s refreshing citrusy taste.
House-made alcohol beverages are customizable and it takes 9 months to create. Express your creative thoughts to the chef and he will set to work. It’s like delivery a baby! 9 months later, you return (but I bet in between you will keep returning with anticipation, checking the progress of the baby) to finally let your mouth have a taste of it. The best part? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay or bring it home. Unlike the real babies, it is not an option as you can’t shove it back in if it’s not cute.

Then we had 2 appetizers, toufu with special century egg sauce and grilled leather jacket (a kind of fish) with mayo dip. It tastes like dried sotong, but it is a lot more fragrant and extremely yummy!
Sashimi, the usual fan fare.
Instead of the usual miso soup that most Japanese restaurants serve with their set menus, we got 2 double-boiled fish head consommé, one with no MSG! It tastes like the kind of soup my mum would do at home, full of wholesomeness, punch and a whole lot of health.
Then we had the Jumbo shrimp (half each). Succulent and springy, prawns are the understated aphrodisiac.
Prawns appear more regularly in erotic cuisine than some other varieties, perhaps because they are a convenient size for mutual feeding. Not.This.Jumbo.Prawn.

The fifth dish was the sautéed Blackshaw pork, it actually tastes abit Chinese. Not oily and flavourful, we finished even the gravy!
Then, it’s mixed nigiri sushi and maki. Mostly seared, they melt in my mouse literally. They are not the usual sushi you get in budget sushi chain, this one has a special seaweed film on top!
We found it odd that we weren’t served rice (typical Chinese) with the pork, but actually I preferred it that way! This way we don’t over-eat, I don’t have to suck in after dinner!

Never eat Indian on a date. Japanese is my favourite cuisine for dates because it’s easy to eat, no oil smearing your lipstick and don’t make you bloated. You can also demonstrate how big your mouth (*wink*) is by putting a whole sushi in, which is by the way how you should eat sushi.
Finally, dessert is served. Homemade peach sorbet and American plum with NO artificial colouring! The American plum is boiled but interestingly the texture is just like jelly! They pick the finest season’s fruits for their deserts, last week was tomato sorbet! Damn, would have liked to try that one.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the best part?
It didn’t break my piggy bank because of the Jigo deal that offers 8 Course Japanese Fine Dining for Two for only $100 $50!

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