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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Defined by Hair.

A recent study revealed that Singaporean men are most sensitive to hair loss. Not the beer paunch, not the skinny frame, but thin hair. Their self-esteem is largely dependent on the thickness of their hair.
I on the other hand felt ashamed of my kaboomz hair.
When i turned legal, immediately i went to straighten my hair. I would do at least twice a year!
So my hair became flat and boring, like anyone else on the street.
At least i was pretty, i think.
Then curls became trendy, and i wanted to be sexy.

I became like an Auntie. I remember spending $300 downstairs my house and it was so not worth it. I asked for the top to be flat (fearing i return to having kaboomz hair) and soft curls at the bottom. I came out of the salon with really frizzy dry and tight curls and really flat at the top.

I vowed never to curl my hair again.

Then i went to Japan and decided to risk it with their salon. It was after all, very cheap to get a perm ($60). Cheapskate me took a risky bet and came home with gorgeous hair.
I came home and within 2 weeks, the curls went flat. Japan's salon did warn me though. They said due to the humidity and achieving the big waves, the curls will be weak. Still, i thought it was $60 well-spent because i got to be sexy for 2 whole weeks.

I vowed to only perm my hair in Japan and kept my hair till butt crack long before i visit the salon again the following year.

This year, i got news that the salon no longer takes in non-Japanese speaking customers. They are such perfectionists that they fear a miscommunication.

I was gutted.

Then came Phyto.

A luxury hair salon located in Wheelock, they cut treated and permed my hair. I was taking a HUGE risk. Just 2 weeks before my summer holiday in Europe, if this screws up as bad as my first perm, how do i cam whore in Europe!?!

They came out as gorgeous as Japan's and lasted even longer than Japan's, that even if these pictures turned out awkward and hilarious? At least the hair's gorgeous.

Cuts start from $60 at Phyto.

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