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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wild About Wings

With 9 types on the menu, how can you not go wild?

My favourite was the spicy hot, it’s pretty much like bbq with a tinge of spice.
Wasabi was like wasabi mayo.
Cajun was like the Shilin spicy cutlet.
Black pepper and BBQ are self explanatory.

Not photographed were the salt and peper, honey lemon, lemon garlic and custard.

I head down to East Coast Park on the weekends whenever I can to get my butt exercise.

By roller-blading of course! East Coast Park is filled with nostalgia. Plenty of BBQs in those young days, and BBQs are incomplete without chicken wings!

Now that we have wisen up about BBQS, as adults we only want to eat without bending over the heat!
That’s why Wild About Wings (Marine Cove A-10) is appropriately situated in East Coast Park.

And at , and a variety of flavours to choose from, we all had to play a game of scissor paper and stone because we can’t quite decide who to take one! Honestly, we all wanted to try every flavor but agreed we are being greedy.
 This joint also has note worthy Portobello mushrooms, juicy on the inside!
Situated next to the Macdonalds at East Coast Park, next to this fountain you will find Wild about Wings.

Daily deals the way I live (chicken wings after roller blading at ECP!)

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