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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Men and their Horoscopes

I am not superstitious but i enjoy reading my horoscope and take it with a pinch of salt. However, I marvel at how accurate the character reading of a Scorpio is because it describes me to the T.

Thus, whenever i am potentially interested in someone, i take a leaflet out of the horoscope guide. I seek advice from the horoscope guide on what turns an Aries, Taurus, Saggitarius, Gemini or a Capricorn on.

These were the types I've gone out with.

Some were accurate, some gravely inaccurate.
An  isn't at all subtle, so their maneuvers are usually very easy to spot.

As an  you try to speak the truth as much as possible, and can find it hard to lie; and even if you do try, it is rarely convincing.

This is true. There was an Aries who made no effort to hide that he wanted more than a meal. Shortly after a date or two, he invited me to his place to watch a movie and chill, as cool people say it. Alarm bells started vibrating but didn't exactly sound. It was after all, 
A) in the afternoon (i need to remember that quickies can occur during lunchtime)
B) i prefer to think the better good of men 
C) i wouldn't mind knowing him better.

I knew him better alright. BEFORE the house date even happened. 8 hours before, he divulged that he had second thoughts about the house date and hinted i am a female friend he would like to keep. I wasn't thick, i knew what he meant.

He had planned to get fresh!

Perhaps i was at fault, i definitely gave the wrong idea by agreeing to the house date.

As a  you prefer to judge others and be judged by them through actions rather than words.

, when feeling overburdened with responsibilities and unsupported, can become moody, possessive,and emotional.

As a Scorpio, i love dark humour and gore. A fellow male Scorpio is probably into the same things too except i haven't dated a Scorpio to know. A Capricorn came closest to sharing the same interest in movies and humour, it was enjoyable while it lasted.

A gentleman without doubt, the Capricorn made me feel like a Princess. But the Capricorn judged me harshly yet expects people to judge him fairly made me feel like slapping him. 

It was unfair and stifling.

A man who takes his anger out on you when he's moody is not a man you'd marry.
Because  find communication intruiging, they pursue either the world of conversation or the world of books. Men are often a creature of few words, but the Gemini i know is SO CHATTY! I enjoy the afternoons where i gaze into his wide brown eyes with incredible long lashes. Recently, it was me him and another chatty gal pal, it really was twice the fun!
was my first boyfriend. Looking at the good qualities depicted in the image above, i don't know why i can't find one that rings true! Ok, maybe there's one. Adventurous. Ok, maybe there's another one. Good judgement, that made him able to belly-land a plane (which is a feat for a freshie) and hit headline news. But the negative trait that rang true was when feeling trapped by responsibility or overburdened with commitments, can become flippant, and very upset.

He had too many issues when we were together that a relationship with me was secondary. It was often "after bla bla bla, then i promise to do this with you", "after bla bla bla, then i go there with you,"

I told him countless times that life won't be a bed of roses, don't put off things that matter. My patience grew thin, i gave up waiting and i knew he wouldn't change.

I was right, 4 years later, his sincerity never came.

As a  You're a true blue kind of friend. Your consistent quality of attention fosters trust.
As a  to the people you love, you are attentive, affectionate, loyal, devoted and generous.
As a  you have a good sense of what truly matters, so you rarely get worked up about nothing.

Ahh, a Taurus, the best lover. Sincere care, the Taurus i dated was always about quality. Quality of gifts, quality of time, quality of food. So much so that sometimes because of my nature to multi-task, i am afraid i unknowingly turned him off many times!

The Taurus truly rarely gets worked up about nothing, in fact the Taurus and Gemini are the only men i've gone out with who didn't judge me at all! Then again, i have many other close friends who love me for who i am as well, except that i never did go check out on their horoscope.

Horoscopes, oddly enough can sometimes be so accurate yet sometimes not.

It really takes time to understand and know someone so don't leave it to the stars!
As a  you are intriqued by mystery and your curiosity is the motivation for making your wheels turn.
 are emotional, affectionate, often passionate; they are willing to tear down the past in order to build for the future.

I'm a Scorpio, will your horoscope fit mine?
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