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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wise men say, only Fools Rush in.

A holiday always starts with a hearty breakfast, complete with toothy grin,

then napping at 3pm
Or maybe a foot massage at 3pm.
Then out into the sun for sea sports.

The following series are a really funny bunch.

At this point, do you see Him surfing in the background? The really small figure in a grey tee.
That's Him coming in on a big wave but what's happening in the foreground is too distracting for you, isn't it?

Alot of self shots were taken because i was just lazing around while waiting for my turn to surf and i don't trust him with the camera. He makes me look retarded in all pictures taken by him.

It was the monsoon season so most water sports were off limits. Thankfully, surfing was available and we had fun learning it together.

Sure, a couple needs individual space. They each should have their own private hobby (but i don't think i will be able to accept if my husband's private hobby is nude photography of someone else).

I always thought it'll be ideal to have that special someone pick new things together,explore new terrains together, do a routine activity (like how my parents do ballroom dancing weekly). He's a dream come true.

Speaking about a couple needing individual space, i went on a lonesome sunset run on the beach. Boy, it felt good working those legs.

Are we looking to surf regularly and pick it up seriously? Possibly. You should look at the instructors' washboard abs. Totally wicked. No one can beat that. Toned, leaned, flat. But surfing can be dangerous. I had the board hit my head thrice (not too hard though) as i went under, and the fin slashed my back once. Then of course, there is the uncontrollable natural element- the sea.

But extreme sports is always about the adrenaline. And i believe we both adventure junkies like that. I suppose if we do do it seriously, we wouldn't be too extreme. The body is not worth hurting, especially if it's an unfortunate permanent injury. I will do it occasionally, but i don't think i will do it for real. The sun is too damaging for the skin anyway. Don't want to age faster than my real age.

There's an inner Bond in him as we rode the jet ski. The rush you get from accelerating straight up.

Carrying the Banana Boat out.
Pity this was a blur.
This was their permanent residence. Mr Monitor Lizard. Everyone freaked out when it was swimming in the pool. Looked like a snake. Yucks!
Just leave me with a bag of chips and a camera, i am contented lounging around.
Poolside drinks, i love how he orders for me. I'm clueless when it comes to drinks.

You need a very secure bikini while surfing though. The strong waves can bare your ass and boobs to the whole world.
I look like some tai-tai, who had the man (instructor) to carry her bag while she walks with her arms spread wide apart.
The instructors asked if we were siblings. They said we look alike. Handsome and pretty. Do you know when a pet and an owner are together for long, the owner starts looking like the pet?

The advertisement i saw at the customs about Silk made me so excited. Thinking it was some happening place. It was touted as an one stop lounge, club and THE place to be seen. When we did go and check it out, the live band sounded like a chicken being slaughtered, the lychee martini came WITHOUT the lychee. There were 20 guests with 10 staff (seriously over staffed)

The only consolation, the bartenders can do nifty flame tricks.

We thought we could get smashed. But the boring club just didn't quite put us in the mood. Besides, i get reeeeally sleepy after drinks.

Candlelight dinners by the beach. The style was to order a seafood main and then the starters and desserts were buffet. Suede.

I never ever ever ordered room service until now and i must say the feeling of ordering room service is very shoik! Getting food at midnight! Although when we ordered this, it was only 10pm. We were such losers! We were actually back at 8.30pm after dinner!! Haha. Then watched TV, dozed off, woke up and decided we MUST order room service on our last night.

I've never ordered room service because 1) always thought it was ridiculous prices for simple food, 2) family always stayed at resorts that do not have room service 3) when traveling with friends, we stay at budget motels that obviously do not have room service.

So it was great fun eating in bed. Needless to say, panicked a little when we dirtied the bed with satay sauce.

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