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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday.

Saturday started with visiting an old friend who organized an intimate lead up to Christmas gathering. Food, games and singing of carols. It's different to what i've been doing alot lately actually. No alcohol (the one bottle of wine remained unopened), the girls weren't dressed to the nines, the games weren't wild (because i was banned from my friend the initiator. Ok, she didn't. But i know my crowds. heh), it was quiet.

But simplicity is actually pleasant. Simplicity is not boring. I'm versatile, i adapt.
I know, the price tag's still on my shoe. I need to be reminded that the electric blue faux heels were slashed from a hundred to forty.
Then it was to a Pink party.I wore pink's opposite. I only obey certain rules.
Ooh, my hair's long. I've never left it past my waist. Maybe i should try, but i know i will never get there. I get bored. Now, what is that fold at my armpits? Am i getting armpit fat? I know Jessica Alba and afew celebrities have that. And it's because they have fat boobs (or so i think) But my boobs are not fat! I need to start pushing that fold in, like how the Taiwan girls do. Push their fats from everywhere towards the chest.

Everything's in pink. Even the drinks. One of them is a Lychee drink but it tastes like rose syrup. Try to trick us.

Its not that i'm doing a Britney Spears, just that alot of my thigh is shown, people might mistook (or disillusioned) that my panty is showing, therefore better to mosaic.

Then we got bored and hopped on to ANOTHER pink party.
A group of friends staged a musical right in their basement! They're really serious about it. With projecter, recorded lead-ins and outs, staging, lighting, sound, curtains, elaborate curtains and even a smoke machine!

My eyes are being opened to a different world of Singaporeans (and expats). They live life!

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