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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunshine Camp.

This was the longest i've ever spent on Pulau Ubin. 10am-7.30pm. But i guess this is what youth is all about.
Me being the eldest, took the lead from the ferry to the haggling to what lunch we should have to the cycling routes we take. Everyone's so easy-going, it's cool taking the lead.
Did i mention i dictate the poses they do too? Hahahhaa. Kidding! Everyone's very obedient and game in being a fool though.
We're er...characters from X Man. Hahaa!
Journey to the West!

Ran out of poses to do, starts getting naughty.
The older boys have more facial expressions because they.......are older! Hahaha..
Can you guess the word?
The bags were totally redundant.
We can't coordinate.
Birds on a wire.
Pigs in a sty.
He actually fit 13 of us in.
Attending to nature's call.
I guess he cropped away whatever i was doing.
I asked him to climb, and he did.
Tourist and the koala bear.

Lunch took quite awhile to get here. So we played Truth or Dare using the spinner on the table. Guess which wicked dare i brought over from mainland?
"Would you like to use card to pay?"
"Is this how i swipe?"
"Here goes."
"Thank you for charging Mastercard."
These kids are so innocent. Everytime someone get s truth or a dare, they will look at me expectedly for me to come up with the answer or the dare. As if i'm the most 'hiong' one. Ok, maybe i'm the sickest and the craziest.
Thankfully, when i 'kana', the food came!! Yay! Hahaaa. Maybe then i would know i underestimated these kids, they might come up with the BEST dare or question! PHEW!
The quarry gave amazing echos, we explored alot, we went on all terrains.
All drenched, tired but extremely happy. Well, at least for me.
You had me at hello.

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RaGe FuRy said...

X-MEN... not MAN -.-

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