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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eenie Minnie Miny Moe

My mum kept giggling and said i was cute. All my dad said was, "your skirt is SO SHORT!"

The mouse visits the rabbit.Finally got to see the much raved about chapel. But it's nothing spectacular.Then, it's on to the lawyer's house for his party. I asked him to make it a costume themed one. But he said it was too late and asked me to just come in mine. I told him i am not goint to be a MASCOT for his party. So insisted that he too wear something.
So glad he was game because i had a terrific time being Minnie. Everyone wanted to take me home like a plush toy. Hahaha.
Yvonne helping him out with his make-up.
Private joke about 1kg. She's laughing so lady-like!

Before the make-up.
Hamburgler joins in. Make-up done. Nicer isn't it?
Then we played the board game..
Guess what deadly sin he's doing?? Heh.
It's a very WICKED game! U have to first answer some trivia. If you get the trivia right, you get to move on and hopefully land on a spot of a 'sin'. Then, you get to act out a sin. After acting it out, you get to collect a token. The goal of the game is to collect as many sins as you can. There's greed, vainity and er..i can't remember. All i remember was we were only interested in the lustful sins because they were the funniest!
A very wicked game, it's almost like Truth or Dare. There was a sin whereby you had to strip to your underwear and somersault. Like $*()#)(_#$)*()#*$#)($*)@(*#)(@*$
Guess what is his sin?
To have all players swipe a card in his *** crack and say "check balance!"
Then my sin came...
I had to dance like a paid stripper.
Looks like night vision in quarantine. Look at Yvonne's expression.
Skinny girls eat.
I was laughing at..... The lawyer has a very nice bedroom.
And they live happily ever after.

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