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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.

Christmas felt like Chinese New Year. House hopping, visiting friends except i'm doing more of the giving than the receiving ( i get ang paos for CNY!)

This is bliss. Home-made pizza, a glass of wine, made myself comfortable in front my friend's super wide flat screen TV and helped myself to his hard disk full of the latest seasons of Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, Heroes etc.
There needs to be a marathon someday. Or like my friend says, "Lend us ur home for a day!"

Christmas always has turkey and ham. Have you heard of a Turducken? It's a chicken in a duck in a turkey. At first i thought what sick cook made a chicken mate a duck mate a turkey?!

Then i found out, its a chicken stuffed in a duck, then the duck stuffed in a turkey.

That, actually sounds sicker than the 3 animals cross breeding.

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