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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Oldies but the Goodies.

Look how the boys wrapped my present. Boys!! They wrap presents. It was a fantastic lunch time, although we were missing 2 members. We used to see the whole gang twice a week for takewando in those days. Sit by the roadside eating Char Kway Tiao. They dared me to ask the Uncle to sell me a plate 50 cents worth of Char Kway Tiao. I did, and i ended up with a FOC plate instead.
And so i got to know 2 out of this entire group(not in this picture) liked me (and i liked them too then), but nothing ever happened because they felt i was out of their reach. No, wait, i'm not quite sure what was the reason with one of them. But i do know with the other, he told me years later that he really liked me but was intimidated.

I do that, don't i? Only men can handle me, not boys. Haha. And as i was walking home, i wondered if anything had happened between me and the first boy who liked me (and i liked him), what would it have been. Maybe i would have less hurt? But then i wouldn't get a chance with this terrific guy in my life right now. Funny how your life turns out.

We all sorta lost contact for awhile after Taekwando and school ended. But then, of all times, Sam and Fabian chose the RIGHT time to play a prank on me. Having not heard from them for ages, suddenly i got a call saying i was picked to be a presenter on National Geographic. I got this call when i was in A&E. So i told whoever it was on the phone, " Look, i am in A&E now, i am not in the mood to play with you. So just tell me who you are."

And so that's how we got into contact again.
I love hanging out with boys. They are so funny, sporting and pure fun. They always tease me about my lazy star jumps, always tricking me into believing something silly.

I'm curious to see, if they are still skateboarding at 30. Not long now. And Sam just told us the MOST hilarious date he just had of all time. Is Singapore really full of psycho girls?
One of them put Karv Maga in my head. I'm keen to learn the highly effective,battle tested Israeli system of defensive tactics. It's not true that girls who do martial arts are not feminine. Look at Shu Qi in So Close or Zhang Ziyi in all her shows, or my favourite show of all time Naked Weapon with Maggie Q.

I think it's hot, and i cannot stop.

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