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Saturday, December 27, 2008

11 years on.

Second row, second from the left. That is yours, truely.
This is now, yours truely.
Looking at our year book.
We hang out quite alot in school together when we were 11. Can't quite remember why. But my excusion photos always have him in it.I just remember he speaks perfect English and is funny. Maybe i will dig out pictures from yesteryears when i have time. You'll see how much he has grown! I wouldn't have remembered if he hadn't mentioned he was a cry baby last time. But i do remember the other one digging his nose ALOT last time. Now, he's a neurosurgeon. Don't play play. Hahaha.
My principal.
My very fierce monitress. I was very afraid of her, she's always punishing people!
My best friend then had a crush on him and we'll make prank calls to his house. Hahaha!
My really good friends then in elementary school. Funny was, both of them can't quite get along with each other then. So i was caught in between, but neither of them had a jealousy issue so all was good.

I'm so glad i did turn up at the gathering (was initially feeling lazy). It was fun seeing how everyone grew up. Quite alot of difference considering we first met when we were 7. But with the Internet now, everyone can get in touch and updated with how one's looks has changed.

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