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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rainbow Camp.

I haven't laughed this much in a very long time. Laughed till my stomach hurts, laughed till i got a headache, laughed till i'm worried about wrinkles. Ok, i do laugh rather easily, but according to them, i laughed the loudest.
R must be feeling damn shiok. So does the guy behind.
J shrilled, "Christine! You can sit the ride and take pictures!! Zoom in and all leh!"
From left to right (back row): Mary Jane, Theresa, Joanne, Veronica, Geraldine.
Front Row: Patricia Mok.
They were SUCH great sports! Although i was kinda worried at one who looked so darn serious and macho all the time. I was impressed that he was SO GAME for this. No complains at all, truely a man. Suck it up, and just do it.
They are really creative with their alter egos too. They actually came up with the female version of their names! Very similar to their real names. Totally hilarious yet ingenious!
The third from the left looks absolutely like a Thai tranny. Like that Thai volleyball movie! But he's a favourite among the girls though. Pretty boy, he reminds me of SM. Young girls like his type. I'm no more a young girl, i am a woman. And therefore i like.....hehehe 
This one reminds me of LF. But his body is even more 'zai' than LF. Norman will probably say LF 'chui' now already, going into dance. Haha. Very very young boy but born with a very athletic body (he don't do much to get it!). You should see his martial arts moves and stunts. It makes anyone xxx. 

Ok, maybe just me, because i have an inclination to martial arts. I had a xxx dream about Jet Li before. OF ALL PEOPLE!!! That dream made my brothers and Weibin laughed FOR DAYS! They teased me if i were to start dreaming of Jackie next.
Look how fierce!
but its a very fun game! I had a shot at it, coz the boys challenged me.

And i beat them all. Haha! Do NOT challenge me.
All still going through puberty, need mountains of rice.

They asked if i was a dancer, and i blushed at what they say. Now, i rarely blush, although men say these to me all the time. Frankly, i don't really give a two hoots about the compliments given, because all that really matters are the compliments from MY man. But when men compliment me, i usually take it with a pinch of salt because 1) i really don't think i'm all that hot. I'm bespectacled and i wear holey pyjamas, as my childhood friends always like to tease me 2) older men are usually sweet talkers=not believable.

but when boys a year to almost a decade younger than you compliment you, it really made me blush. Because with their innocence, their compliments are really sincere.
By the way, i got REALLY tanned from 3 days outdoor. When my mum returned from her holiday, she opened the door and first thing she said was, "Wah, why are you so dark!"

I think my face is breaking out now, due to the over exposure from the sun. I'm going to hide indoors from now on.

On the third and last day, they actually played a prank on me! First, G told me he was sick, he couldn't come. Then J said he overslept and will be very late. Third, JA told me because he was waiting for J so he will also be very late. Then T told me his "car tyre burst and he is stuck on the expressway but gd thing the rest of the boys are not with him, therefore they will not be late!"

I nearly had a heart attack when the first message came. I believed, and thought why was the last day such a case of BAD LUCK! Like seriously.

The day before, they also tricked me with an electrifying chewing gum. They said my reaction was classic.

Oh well, better all these pranks than having me thrown into the pool (which they initially planned).
Now to the girls, i'm so so proud of them. So proud that they are not the whiney, princessey sort. They do eat, they do play and they are not afraid to be made a fool. Even though most of them are not athletic, i'm so proud that everyone gave their best in all the games.

They were so co-operative, i had an easy time being their nanny.

She is a very sweet girl, half Thai. A gem not discovered on the first 2 days, but on the last day, the boys did. Just in time, still in time. Haha.

Fantastic weather for the last 3 days. Most of us sun-burnt.

Watch Channel U, 5 Jan, 7.58pm for this. I'm so proud of everyone's efforts. Really pleasing to see my work come to fruition. Now i understand the meaning of passion and job satisfaction. Such is never the work of one person, it's team work. And i'm so glad i have the members i have on my team for this.

Friendships forged, friendships made, friendships that won't be forgotten (hopefully). They already made plans to meet up next weekend, there were even tears from the girls as we parted on the last day.

The boys were so sweet,they decided to propose to me.

This is the next happiest day of my life.

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