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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Month in Snapshots

February was eventful. I went on CNA to give my two cents worth about cheating spouses. The episode then replayed on loop at gyms and offices.

I saw myself while running on the treadmill. Call it self motivation.

Then there was Valentine's where an innovative choice of flower was delivered. It is still alive today.

Found a travellator in the new Asia Square mall that leads to..... a wall.
Found an activity to do with dates or friends.

How do prawns laugh? Hei Hei Hei (Hokkien for prawn)
I hope he falls in so there'll be some drama because when you aren't catching prawns, it's boring.
Catching prawns isn't as easy as it seems. You need to measure the line, adjust the line on the rod, trial and error before you can reap! Prices start at $18 an hour, $33 for 3. Everything is provided from the rod to the bait.

Kung Fu fighting prawn.

While my friends prawn, i eat.
The satay and chicken wings at Hai Bin, Sin Ming Ave is pretty damn good!
Can't get any fresher than this! BBQ your catch on the spot!

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