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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stick to Asian food in Asia.

5 days in Europe,i'm already missing my noodles and rice.

Went to the supermarket, found only one brand of instant noodles. It was no brand, no really, there was NO brand. Made in Ireland, my eyebrow raised. There wasn't Maggi, much less my favourite Nong Shin.

No brand had three flavours, shrimp, tom yum and chow mein. Being adventurous, i grabbed 3 packets of Chow Mein.

The packaging was lilac, there were no appetizing visuals that accompanied.

Salivating over the pot, i can't wait!

It was bland, tasteless, odourless but not colourless. The soup was a murky dark brown.

I had to give Asian food in England another go.

Went into a Chinese restaurant called Chinese restaurant. No mistaking here.

The Cantonese chef had bright yellow hair. So did his brother, father and cousin. The British waitress was a Barbie look-alike and addressed us in a sickly sweet voice, at the same time fluttering her long lashes.

There was Bang Bang Chicken offered on the menu and i was told it's a cold dish of chicken with peanut sauce. I decided not to brave it.

I ordered hot & sour soup that came looking like minestrone instead. It looked like a mix match of leftovers, peas carrots shrimps shoots and meat in a tomato-ey spicy soup base.

Then there was the Singapore noodles. Quite proud that my nation has its own dish at land's end. It was dry, yellow and tasted like cardboard.

I think Chilli Crab should remain representative of Singapore.

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