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Monday, March 19, 2012

Late night Eating in Singapore

Singapore is a food paradise, as many would know.

Having lived overseas, the one trait you miss most about Singapore is being able to eat at ANY TIME.

Newton Circus is known to be a tourist place. The food is not the best and the prices though not exorbitant (despite news reports, it's just that one black sheep) is not the best-for-value.

There's tough competition from other supper places.

1) Roti Prata at all corners of Singapore
If you've been to India, you would know the Indians start dinner at MIDNIGHT. Thus Indian food is a safe bet when you crave a midnight snack in multi-racial Singapore.
The prata haunts i frequent are either at Spize, River Valley Road or Zam Zam, Arab Street after clubbing in Zouk or Clarke Quay or Al Almein, Bukit Timah after late night school projects, otherwise Casurina, Upper Thomson Road and even downstairs my HDB flat!

Roti Prata is such a reliable snack that even during Chinese New Year when everything else is closed, there's the crispy oily dough to fill you.

2) Geylang
The infamous red light district is a side of Singapore that only locals know to visit for food. Not throughly covered in any travel guide book, you need to know to go.

An area that has a colourful night life of beauty queen bars, brothels, street walkers and cheap stuff,
there is also exotic food to be found. A wide variety of food, all residing in one area.
 It is rare to find places in Singapore where you sit by the roadside to eat.
3) Food Republic Beer Garden
Located at the carpark area in front of St James Power Station (Sentosa Gateway), the beer garden is a blast from the past at 6pm - 6am. This is somewhere i would bring overseas friends (as well as to Geylang) to sample local and exotic food all at one spot.
My favourite frog porridge!

With rustic-style pushcarts, truck stalls and kiosks selling all manner of Singapore-style hawker fare, the Food Republic Beer Garden resembles the streets of Singapore in the 60s.
Sourcing the best hawker fare from all corners of Singapore, Food Republic gathers the best seafood, Bak Kut Teh, Rojak, Bak Chor Mee, Hokkien Mee and more.
A collaboration between Breadtalk and St James, what makes this eating haunt stand out among the other late night eating places is that diners enjoy the full service of a complete and comprehensive ALCOHOLIC beverage bar AND live entertainment from talented local bands nightly. A large selection of bottled local and international beers, up to six beers on taps, a range of spirits, fine wines, champagnes, cocktails and mocktails.

I am not sure if Bak Chor Mee goes well with alcohol but i know that BBQ sambal stingray, satay and some say Ngoh Hiang will.

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