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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some nights ago, i was walking home and i spot a white booklet left on a railing!

The title piqued my interest (obviously).
It took me a moment to contemplate flipping it open. That suspicious title made me think twice, in case there is sticky residue on its covers.

Taking that risk, i flipped it open.

Inside were drawings of men in compromising positions with a message.

Use condoms, stay safe and keep diseases at bay.
2 days after, news broke about Royston Tan, Singapore's acclaimed director's latest community project.
An educational viral video about HIV. It resonates well with the local crowd, a KTV video in Hokkien titled, get this, A Happy Dragon!

Was the Get Kinky booklet left on the railing on purpose? Was it a guerilla tactic by the Action For Aids?

I left the booklet on the railing as it was found, hoping it will touch the next person who comes across it.

Stay safe, use condoms.

Pass the message on.

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