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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fu Lin Yuan Health Soup Restaurant: No MSG, No Salt.

After eating out of my parents' pockets for the last 20 odd years, it's time i feed them back but with the good deals from Jigo City. Hehehe. Pity my parent's time, group buying did not exist. Imagine diapers, milk powder etc made cheaper because of group buying!

Prior to trying out to group buying, i was resistant to joining the crowd because i was afraid the deals won't be legit!

After trying out numerous deals, my favourite being Hairfolio because people on the streets and friends can't stop raving about my Angry Bird mid finger( & it lasted 2 months). Then, the most value-for-money are Spizzico and Sui.

So i took my family for the latest new deal. A no MSG, no salt restaurant, my health conscious parents were stoked.

Just around Maxwell market, up the row of shophouses, you come to 47 Neil Road. Don't let the Geylang esque exterior (in fact, it DID relocate from Geylang. Haha) fool you, inside hides the imperial treasure (the food).

Helmed by a Cantonese chef,

The deal says it's for four, but i think it's enough to feed 6! I usually enjoy wedding dinners. Even if it's super boring, i like how the 8 courses come dish after dish. The Fu Lin deal offers a 6 course dinner at $75 (that's just $12 each if you have a party of 6!)

1) White Fungus Herbal Chicken Soup
How can a healthy soup not be part of the deal? The signboard says it all, its soups are its signature. Steamed 8 hours, the broth is rich and most nutrition is kept.

2) King Oyster Mushrooms with Kailan

Not the dried oyster mushrooms that most restaurants will use, but this is fresh and succulent. It's a mushroom i've never tried before! Love mushrooms, they fight cancer.

3) Stewed Deep Fried Live Fish w Brinjal, Toufu & Minced Meat

To be served a whole fish (sea bass for us that day) is a really good deal! My mum NEVER orders fishes at restaurants because she always find it ridiculously expensive (they weigh by the kg). Thus, she was really impressed (thus the expression) that i ordered a whole fish! "What a filial daughter", she thinks. "Thank you Jigo City", me thinks.   

4) Salted Egg Yolk Baked Prawns

It's an option to ask for them to be de-shelled, i regretted not remembering that :(

5) Yi Fu Mian
The Chinese never forgets their staple, this is one of my favourite flat noodles.

6) Milk Balls & Cold Herbal Tea
It looks like it's very tough to bite into but actually it was piping hot.

I love this unique desert even though i think it would have been better if it was a lighter citrusy desert. It was unique because i've never had a milk ball before! Milk coated with batter, it is fried crispy on the outside, mushy milky and creamy on the inside. Yummy!

Cold herbal tea was also given to end the meal.

Buy this 6 course Cantonese dinner at Fu Lin Yuan health soup restaurant for only $75 on now!

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