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Friday, September 23, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS2 Test Force

If it wasn’t for the Samsung Test Force, I wouldn’t have tested the Galaxy S2. To be honest, it does contest the favourite iPhone.

With a larger and clearer screen with high-resolution display, it already won me over being slimmer and lighter (116g VS 137g).

The first challenge was to ride a Segway at 20km/h (max.40km/h) and spot the branded stickers around Sentosa. The Galaxy S2 boasts of an 8 megapixel camera (compared to iPhone’s 5 megapixel).

The second one was to race a car without even looking! Hearing stories of the iPhone cracking/ spoiling at the slightest knock, the Galaxy S2 survived all flips and spins while mounted on the high speed control cars.

The third one was physically grueling and allowed us to get into a hamster ball, otherwise not affordable!

The semi-final was a test of memory. With a dual core processor, 16GB/32GB memory, 1GB Ram, I aced this test!

I was so excited about the final challenge that i had butterflies in my stomach the night before. So excited till i dreamt I met Allan Wu for the challenge only to be disappointed to find him fat and ugly. I even commented, " all that photoshop work! Baah."

My dream didn't come true.
I had to clip off my Angry Bird nail to climb. Boo Hoo.

Vote for your favourite video and get to win your OWN Samsung Galaxy SII too!

Speaking of phones, there's a controversial application that "is a pretty graphic game involving the making of smartphones in China. 20 hours after Apple approved it, they changed their minds and pulled it from the App Store. The reasons include “violence or abuse of children” and “excessively objectionable or crude content” among other things."
"So now that you know the app’s violations, you must be wondering what exactly goes on during game-play. Well, catching Foxconn workers as they fall to their death off of factory buildings and forcing children to work at gun point are just two examples."
Perhaps it hit too close to home for Apple.
Boo hoo, i can't have this on my iPhone but I'm going to use my Samsung Galaxy S2 to download it now!


Fabby said...

Hey Xtine, mind if I steal your photo and Allan and I? ^^

And wow, just saw the Youtube video of what Phone Story was about. Tragic.

Pheels bad.

Blogger said...

You could be qualified to get a Apple iPhone 7.

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