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Monday, August 15, 2011

Spizzico: The best Italian food in Singapore.

The way to a man's heart is through food, & the way to score a date with me would be Italian or Japanese.

Although it's not very fair to judge Italy and its cuisine from my one day in Venice, I was sorely disappointed that this authentic looking restaurant in the alley served just average food.
I'm quite traditional when it comes to Italian food, pasta and pizza will always be my order. Here's the pizza i had in Italy. I'm not the best food blogger, but i could even haughtily say "i had better Italian food in Singapore!"
Narrow minded as i am, i deduced that one does not need to fly 16000 miles to eat good Italian food.

Ciao Italia for one, is closer to Singapore than Italy. There's been crazy impulsive thoughts to fly to Perth, my second home, for that serving of Tiramisu or creamy chicken linguine.
No reservations allowed, cramped sitting and hour long waits at 273 Millpoint Road, they were all completely worthwhile and part of the Italian way of the truly popular restaurants.

I didn't think i would find the same quality, quarter of the wait time and fraction of the price (no AUD exchange rate) at 81A Clemenceau Avenue but i did.

With a romantic alfresco dining as well as indoor, Spizzico is dimly and warmly lit with candle lights.
Not too good a place if you're obsessed with taking food pictures!

Foodies (not commissioned photographers) may be capturing the best food pictures but honestly, i think they're missing the whole point of being a foodie by not consuming them pipping hot.
Eat, eat, eat! Stop with the photo shoot.
Located on the first floor of UE square (bus 123, 5 minutes from Lucky Plaza), it is a favourable location that is near Orchard yet serene and silent, perfect for that date or gathering away from the crowds. Like a discerning shopper, whenever trying out a new restaurant, i like asking them for any special highlights. Spizzico very patiently explained to me what the dishes meant and recommended some popular favourites.
With a $50 credit while only paying $25 because of Jigo,  we could order 2 main dishes and a desert. Spizzico advised the Gil Agnolotti Farciti dl Granchio e Scampl. Never try to act as if you know how to pronounce the name, just point.

It's a home made ravioli (oooh, how soft the dumpling skin is) stuffed with crab meat and prawn in saffron sauce.

A generous stuffing of real crab meat in that little parcel, Spizzico is definitely not stingy! At $24, it was a steal.
Then we had a half-half of Spizzico, pizza topped with Parma ham, parmesan cheese and wild rocket and Ortolana, pizza topped with eggplant, zucchini, capsicum and mushroom. We had a hard time deciding which flavour is our favourite, but the ravioli beat the pizza, or any other restaurant in Singapore for the matter of fact, hands down.

Then, with a sweet tooth, we finished the dinner with home made panna cotta but there are many other delectable sinful deserts available. I need to buy more of those $25 for $50 vouchers...

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