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Monday, September 19, 2011

Angry Birds Face-Off Challenge

Kudos to Finnair coming up with this innovative marketing strategy to associate Finnair/Finland with the most addictive game ever played. Without this, I would have still thought that Angry Birds is the brainchild of the Americans.

Recruitment was solely via Twitter (show us how much of an AB fan you are) and I must say it was highly effective from some hundreds of entries. I submitted these, I happen to be part of this craze (albeit me a fake fan) with my two creations.
Besides, entry was effortless and the prize was pretty darn attractive! Fly to Helsinki, the capital of Finland where the makers of Angry Birds reside. What more, experience an Angry Bird themed flight on Finnair. Now, that’s a first!
Even though I hardly play Angry Birds (because I have a better life than to be a geeky addict), I had to give it a shot. My creative entry won me a spot in the 8 players challenge.
I love Changi airport, and I am proud of Changi for putting the little red dot on the map like the red dot on foreheads; noticeable. This collaboration with Changi airport was commendable but I must say @fansofchangi lost a fan because of their professionalism that took flight.
Knowing I’ll have zero change in winning the game, I dressed to kill. After all, knowing how Singaporeans are like, I predicted that no one would be game enough to take the Best Dressed Team prize. Unless someone shows up in this.
Granted, I was a one person team (if I wasn’t as petite, can I be considered a two-man team?) but I was spot-on about shy Singaporeans. No one dressed up more than the AB tee off the rack and some AB print outs.

I gleefully rubbed my hands and thought that $250 Changi Airport voucher prize would come in useful for DFS. After all, I fulfilled the criteria of a theme (Finnland’s colour),and I was creative (I am an egg harvester).
Unfortunately for me, @fansofchangi was a tasteless flight of fancy with fickle bending of rules to tip in their corporate favour. For whatever reasons, they gave the prize intended for Best Dressed to the 2nd top scorer. Maybe he put in more effort with swiping his finger in the challenge. I am hurt, @fansofchangi.

I am not hard up for the $250, dear @fansofchangi but still, this was very much of a turn-off, it is as if you are all show and tell, not honoring your word. It made me doubt if you really cared about your fans.

Even Finnair feels the same.
On a happier note, I met the more sincere Finnair people and if I haven’t participated, I wouldn’t have thought of Lapland as a travel destination. Touted as Santa’s home, you can take reindeer rides, sit on Santa’s lap, live in see-through Igloos and gaze at the breathtaking Northern lights.
So, to win a seat on this inaugural Angry Bird flight was very easy. 8 of us had to face-off each other by playing the game. While 2 players go up, the other 6 were not allowed to peep.
Some very amusing quotes overheard from the contestants.

“OMG, not that stage!!!!”

(This was mumbled to herself just by HEARING the emcee briefly described the level setting. While the first 2 players face-off, the rest were banned from peeping. We played Level 3; stage 18-21 by the way, when it was my turn, I even had to ask “what’s the black and white bird’s power?”)
One of the male contestants wore an AB tee, complete with peeping socks.
The emcee asked another male contestant if he owns one as well. He raised his eyebrow and defensively retorted, “Of course not!” complete with an incredulous tone.
My friend asked, "which adult will wear an Angry Bird tee out?" Apparantly many.

After all, i wore THIS out. But in argument, i wore it for the contest and it isn't my everyday fashion (or maybe @fansofchangi couldn't tell.)
The supporter of the commenter (OMG, not that stage!), a late 30s lady went up to the organizers “Can she (points to friend) keep her number badge?”

So yes, it was definitely a face-off amongst the hard-core fans.
This was the very excited winner of the Angry Birds Challenge,flying that very night to Helsinki.

She was really good; she could have played Angry Birds blind folded.


CK Lee said...

OMG... Time for me to slim down liao....look damm fat in that photo..

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