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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One minute Here, the next minute Gone.

The night where i planned a night of mayhem, i got this text message.
It was a shock, i was speechless. My mind scrambled to recall the date. Wondering if it's April's Fool. The 2 most frightening words from the dictionary put together. Even worse than Death or Dead. It was a choice made.

I remember i heard his voice first. I was in my room, being anti-social and i heard this charming DJ-like deep voice with an alluring accent in my living room. Subsequently, i met the face. He wasn't as gorgeous as his voice, but nonetheless he has many suitors. Girls giving themselves up for him, because he was funny, intelligent and some say sauve.

I liked him as a friend, because he was honestly funny. I take pride in that he seeked me for advice on girls. We even spoke and joked on MSN a week before 23 Oct. I feel sorry for his parents, as he was the only son. I heard he has bipolar disorder (and suddenly, i sympathise with Ris Low), a condition none of us knew about nor could tell. He seemed so confident, so dandy and fine.

He walked around at a tourist spot before his final moments, left his wallet by the side, stepped off the ledge onto the tracks.

His friends took over his Facebook Wall. Leaving loving messages to the late. My tears rolled as i read.

If only we all have expressed our love sooner.

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