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Friday, October 30, 2009

Helen's Day Out.

It was a hot hot hot Sunday afternoon. We took Helen (the boat) out to cool off.

The host BBQs on sea, serving delectable salads, chunky juicy steaks and

lobster wannabes! (prawns were massive)

I'm definite the sea breeze sprinkled some sea salt on, making it even tastier.

We reached our destination, only to find it discovered by some others too! People were speeding around in their jetskis, children jumping off the planks.

Feeling a little sea sick already, i had to get out of the boat. The boys swam across to discover the island, i stayed behind watching a beautiful scene play out.

This was it, a picture perfect family.
It's kinda amusing seeing how adults turn into silly things, cooing and aahing, pretending to be amused by every single thing the little prince does. His 2 Philipino companions does that 24/7. Kudos.

My baby cousin is sickenly cute!

As we sail back to shore, the sun beautifully sets.

Polo Ralph Lauren berms, Burberry tee, Oosh Kosh napkin, Dior sunglasses.

My favourite boys.

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