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Friday, November 13, 2009

Waking up beside.

They say its very important to know who you're waking up next to. You might think you're bringing back a hot chick, with her perfect curls, wide eyes and flawless skin. Will it be the same the next morning? You can't just switch off the lights (as men says), because when sun rise, light hits. Unless you're dating a vampire, she disappears before dawn breaks.
I know of a girl who is 24/7 preened. When it came to a camp, we were excited that we finally get a chance to see her naked (face, that is)! Alas, during camp, she was the first to wake up and the last to sleep.

The reality is, we all don't wake up like in the movies. You have morning breath and eye "shit" (what is it really called? Mak Sai.) maybe. For some, the out-of-bed hair looks great, for others its an afro. The nicest thing about waking up together is to be able to look into that face stripped of artificials, and say I love you.

P.S Or you can peel an apple (do not break skin!) in front of the mirror at midnight. You'll supposedly see your future wife/husband (no make-up, i presume).

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