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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Equality of Sexes.

As I grow older, I outgrow my naivety of the Asian culture. I assumed that Asians are conservative and traditional. But there IS a community of Asians who are not. In recent months, my eyes have been opened to Asian girls who do one-night stands, who sleep on the first date, who can be sexually used by a non-committed man whom she likes. Annabel Chong wanted to contest the notion that only men can separate sex and feelings. She challenged societal judgment in why men are allowed to be promiscuous but women aren’t.

What IS the equality of sex in relation to money?

When a man asks a woman over, they presumably have sex. When she leaves, should the man give her money for the cab? If he presses bills in her hand, doesn't it seem like he was paying her for sex? Sex that is worth $20. But if he doesn’t, isn’t he being too egoistic to act as if the woman threw herself at his doorstep?
Figuritively speaking, when a man takes a woman out on a date, does the woman expect him to pay for the movie and the dinner? Because at the end of the night she would be giving him sex, and that, can’t possibly be free.

It’s a fine line between lovemaking and prostitution if you bring money into the equation. Asian girls are too used to the men providing and paying for everything. That has been instilled in our culture for generations. In Asia, the men are deemed to be the superior sex. The men are the sole bread-winners, and they look for women who can cook, clean and possess child bearing hips. To the women, she feels he is dependable and feels valued and loved. And as he is the provider, she submits and looks up to him.

The Asian society is changing increasingly though… modern women no longer know how to turn on the stove, career women no longer depend on men for their wants, men are getting wiser (stingy?) in splashing their dough on women. And just like how everything is co-related, because of the woman’s independence, she doesn’t necessary look up to him as they traditionally do because she found her own financial independence.

The way I see it, there isn’t the need for the man to pay for everything because the woman is enjoying his company AND multiple orgasms that he gives her. However, it IS chivalry for the man to pay for the date. I think the equation to balancing gender equality is to have men emitting chivalry and the women putting in appreciation.

Instead of pressing bills into her hand, why not give the money straight to the taxi driver?

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