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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Asian Horror

You know, i always thought Asian horror flicks beat Hollywood ones hands down in the eerie factor. Is that why hundreds of people come out on October the 30th and none during the Hungry Ghost Festival?

Mimolette started their party on the eve, and i was there for a friend's farewell.

His last chance for Asian boobs.

Spock was the coolest guy there. And judging by my costume, i probably could pass off as some alien on board.

I was a puppy!! But no one could tell. Although many girls fawned over me, thinking i was adorable.

We actually crashed a house party, virtually knowing no one there.

Called our friends over, but decided to leave when the cops are here.

 The next night i was a pussy cat.

Adopted by Muthu who is engrossed in texting.

Geek of the night actually hooked up a TV that displays his face!

Butter kept everyone waiting outside. By the time we got into the club, the club was so empty and boring. Took awhile for the club to fill up. That's not a very good idea of making your club look "wanted" because the queue outside actually turns away alot more people who hopped oer to Zouk or somewhere else.

I was stoked about going out for Halloween, as i've always missed the previous years (since i turned legal) due to unforseen(hospitalisation)/forseen(exams) circumstances. This year, i finally get to go out. And i was disappointed. It wasn't really anything but a huge costume fest. I was in bed by midnight (how loser! Haha.) Clubbing is really not my thing.

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